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GROUP DISCUSSION The term suggests a discussion among a group of persons. A Group Discussion can be defined as a formal discussion involving 10 to 12 participants in a group. Within a time limit of 20 to 30 minutes, the Abilities of the members of the group is measured

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TYPES OF GROUP DISCUSSION Topic- based Case-based

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TOPIC BASED Factual Topics Controversial Topics Abstract Topics CASE-BASED The case study tries to simulate a real –life situation. Information about the situation will be given to you and you would be asked as a group to resolve the situation.

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WHY DO WE NEED A GROUP DISCUSSION: It helps you to understand a subject more deeply It improves you ability to thing critically It helps in solving a particular problem. It helps the group to make a particular decision It gives you the chance to hear other students’ ideas It improve you listening skill It increases your confidence in speaking It can change your attitude

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SKILLS NEEDED IN A GD Communication skills Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject Leadership and Coordinating Capabilities Assertiveness Flexibility Exchange of thoughts Addressing the Group as A Whole Through Preparations

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SOME POSITIVE TASK ROLES IN A GROUP DISCUSSION Initiator Information seeker Information Giver Procedure facilitator Opinion seeker Opinion Giver Clarifier Social Supporter Harmonizer Tension Reliever Energizer Compromiser Gatekeeper Summarizer

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NEGATIVE ROLES IN A GROUP DISCUSSION Disgruntled non-participant Attacker Dominator Patronizer Clown

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DO’S IN GROUP DISCUSSION Make original points & support them by substantial reasoning . Listen to the other participants actively & carefully. Whatever you say must be with a logical flow & validate it with an example as far as possible. Appropriate to the issue. Make only accurate statements. Modulate the volume, pitch and tone. Be considerate to the feelings of the others. Try to get your turn. Talk with confidence and self-assurance.

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DON’TS DURING GROUP DISCUSSION Being shy /nervous / keeping isolated from G.D Interrupting another participant before his arguments are over Don’t make fun of any participant even if his arguments are funny. Don’t engage yourself in sub-group conversation. Don’t repeat and use irrelevant materials. Addressing yourself to the examiner. Worrying about making some grammatical mistakes, for your interest the matter you put across are important.

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SUGGESTIONS Never try to bluff. Practice group discussion with friends on different subjects. Remember !speech is a powerful weapon.

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