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A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. ...


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Self Support Social Club:

Self Support Social Club Made For Each Other ! 3/4/2013

Theme of SSS Club . . . . . . !!!:

Theme of SSS Club . . . . . . !!! It is a Simple Helping program where A person commit to help other UN-known (Randomly software selected user) to pay Amount to his Bank A/c and after sending money his I.D will be Green / Active Than he will be eligible to request for help, and software will send his detail to other user. 3/4/2013

Who we are . . . . . . . !!!:

Who we are . . . . . . . !!! SSS Club Is Not an Organization, a Company or a Firm. It is not a BANK, Not an INSURANCE COMPAY or a MUTUAL FUND SCHEME. It is Social Financial Community of the people who have same kind of thinking and willing to help each Other. This Community Website does not provide any kind of financial services. The Community does not offer any kind of bank account or anything like that. The Community does not pay anything to anybody and neither receives. All the transactions that took place in this community will be in confidence between the members of this community without any kind of guarantees or promises. It is very important to know for all the members of this community that this is only a social financial network. 3/4/2013

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No storage centers for money - The money is physically dispersed in the bank accounts of participants living around the world. If the international oligarchic government wants to eliminate the System SSS Club by force, it will have to close all the banks in the world, which will inevitably lead to a financial apocalypse; No physical storage of records – As all the information is kept by the many participants and repeatedly duplicated, so there is no physical book-keeping involved. This automatically eliminates any possibility of loss or intentional destruction of records. No specifically defined channels of communication – SSS Club participants communicate via Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Mail Agent, via e-mail, by phone or in person of course. For someone to destroy such a vast system of information transfer is highly impossible. With SSS Club we can build our bright future with our own hands. We can achieve excellence by mutual co-operation. 3/4/2013

Rules . . . . . . . !!!:

Rules . . . . . . . !!! 3/4/2013 Commit Amount (At his first log-in he has to decide how much money he is wish to pay) E.g. 1, 000/- to 10, 000/- Send Help(Then his I.D will be Green) 10% AVP will be increased weakly on committed Help. 2% AVP will be increased at every Direct Referral Appreciation Value.

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Ex. 1st Direct Referral 10+2 = 12% 2nd Direct Referral 12+2= 14% (Up-to 30% Including self committed AVP per Weak) (Calculate Separately on New User Committed Amount after Getting Green) Redeem Help (Multiple of his Committed Help) Ex. Committed- 10, 000/- After 10 Weak His AVP will be 20, 000/- At 1st Complimentary Chance He can request to redeem Help including increased AVP with committed Help and will be out of the Club. Or He will Redeem Only increased AVP-10,000/- and For Rest Help his Redeem Chance will be Increased in Multiple of Active Direct Referrals. 3/4/2013

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Procedure of sending money :- First step-  User will get a S.m.s to his mob and other person Bank detail to his I.D via e-mail. Second Step- He will send money to his account and Upload Transaction receipt to his i.d and send it to other user. Last Step- Other User will check his Bank Account detail than he will Verify payment by clicking button to his I.D than sender I.D will be turn green or indicate Active. Procedure of first time log-in:- Commit Amount 1, 000/- to 10, 000/- . Fill Profile . 3/4/2013

PowerPoint Presentation: 3/4/2013

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