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The word troubleshooting is simply about the logical and systematic search for locating and fixing of errors or causes of errors in the affected device. This term aims for the solution to restore the failed product or processes to its working state.


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Module Objectives:

Module Objectives Identify common symptoms and problems associated with computer malfunctions. Isolate the source of problem through basic troubleshooting techniques. Identify care and service techniques and common problems with primary printer types. Develop a preventive maintenance schedule for the computers in your classroom .

Basic Troubleshooting Methodology:

Basic Troubleshooting Methodology Zero in on an area. Build a foundation. Work up to the problem. Repair/Replace. Zero In Build Foundation Work up to Problem Repair/ Replace

Software Problems:

Software Problems Computer starts up (you can hear it running), but nothing happens or your receive an error message on the screen. You are using a program, such as Word or Netscape, and it stops working (you cant move the mouse or click on.


SOLUTION Optimo Pro is leading technical service provider available for users in the field of computing devices and software applications. It aims to understand the issues that users are facing in their computer and provide effective solution for these issues eliminating the potential cause behind them. It solve the issue of decreasing memory space in the computer by clearing unused memory space in hard drives, clears browser’s traces, deletes Run history, removes unnecessary junk files and many more. In this way it is helpful in maximizing the speed and performance of computers .


Maintenance ScanDisk A utility program that will check the hard disk drive for errors. Tries to fix “bad sector” problems on hard drive. May fix corrupted files. May fix file linking errors.


Maintenance Disk Cleanup Internet browser software, like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, download pages and graphics to your hard drive as you surf the Web. These files are stored in a cache or temporary directory for faster access to the information .


Conclusion Optimo Pro  is highly beneficial for computer users who want to resolves the issues of their computers efficiently. It resolves the issues along with it causes so that it will not affect the performance of the computer in the future again. Thus it is useful in the maintenance of computers for users.

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