How to celebrate valentine week with your loved one?

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Rose Day “When the scars define the love you have.” Propose Day “When words find the courage the feelings couldn’t”

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Chocolate Day “For all the sweet pleasures the love can give” Teddy Day “Because the warmth of your loved one is all that you need”

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Promise Day “For the hand you held would be the one you will always hold on to” Hug Day “Because midst their arms your heart beats in perfect sync” Kiss Day “When your lips express the desire of their caress” Valentine’s Day “When the universe conspires for two hearts to be one” Love is when you find someone who let your walls shatter and you are ready to let your guard down in front of them. Love is when you know you miss the moments you had with them it’s when you know even if it is not going to be forever you would do whatever comes in the way to be with them. When you finally find someone who is as messy as you are and you are willing to be even messier. SoSurprised your loved one on this valentine weeks with “ Shop with smile”. We have the Special valentine gifts for each day for your loved one. Just surprised them with Online shopping.

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