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ZipBooks is a great QuickBooks alternative for small businesses because it is easy-to-use and completely free. Sign up today!


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Type text ZIPBOOKS.COM 2016 ZipBooks vs QuickBooks Online Free QuickBooks alternative for contractors consultants and small businesses. FQ helpzipbooks.com

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Introduction: If you are just starting a small business finding the right accounting software can be difficult. Youre in the no mans land between needing a way to keep track of expenses and not being able to afford an accountant. Many people know about QuickBooks because it is the most talked about accounting software option on the internet. You can get QuickBooks online or you can get QuickBooks for your computer to download. The problem is that either option is expensive and time-consuming to learn. Lets set aside the steep learning curve for a second and just consider the cost. free quickbooks FB Tw Linkedin quickbooks free

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If you buy the downloadable version of QuickBooks youre looking at a couple hundred dollars expense. Youre also responsible for maintaining and updating the software yourself. If your QuickBooks version gets out of date then youll be forced to pay a couple of hundred bucks for the next release. QuickBooks comes out with a new downloadable version every year with the idea that youre going to fork over a couple hundred bucks every year. In reality most people buy QuickBooks Pro one time and use it forever but its still a significant upfront cost for a small business thats just getting off the ground. Your other QuickBooks option would be QuickBooks Online. You dont have to hassle with downloading any updates or worrying about falling behind regarding what the latest options are. But unfortunately QuickBooks Online doesnt have nearly the same features as QuickBooks Pro. You also might not know that with QuickBooks Online you have to pay a monthly subscription. If you ever stop paying you stop getting access to financial data so QB Online is a little bit better of an option if youre looking to lower your upfront costs but over the long term those monthly charges start to add up. QuickBooks Online has lots of different options depending on the size of your company but the cheapest version is 12 a month and it doesnt do much. So youll find yourself in a position where youre paying 30 40 50 bucks a month and thats not including add-ons that you might have to pay for including QuickBooks Payroll or QuickBooks Payment. free quickbooks FB Tw Linkedin quickbooks free

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So its no wonder that a lot of people are looking for a free QuickBooks alternative or for a way to get QuickBooks for free. There are a couple of options when youre looking for free QuickBooks and only one of them is viable but lets go through the bad ones first for kicks. The first free option is pretty unsavory because it involves defrauding software companies. It is technically possible to download QuickBooks PRO 2013 or some other version and then trick the computer into thinking that youve paid for it but you probably arent going to manage that feat of hacking on your own. So then you go looking for help online. Thats where you are really going to get in trouble because there are many sites out there claiming to give you a free key to download and use QuickBooks without paying. But none of them work and if theyre willing to break the law to provide you the software key its also likely that they were ready to break the law in other ways. For example you shouldnt be surprised if you try to download a supposed QuickBooks software key cracking program and end up with a virus on your computer. Best case scenario you notice the malware. The worst kind of malware is the kind that you never even realize is on your computer. You might download a software program that promises free access to QuickBooks and then it doesnt work of course. You uninstall the program but silently something is running in the background thats harvesting your personal information and sending it to a bunch of criminals--all because you wanted to use accounting software for free and you thought stealing QuickBooks was your only option. Well as a small business owner trying to save a little bit of money youll end up losing a lot more than you save if your identity is stolen. Stolen identity is the number one cause for bad credit that isnt your fault. If something bad happens to your credit and you dont know about it it may even end up preventing you from getting future financing for your business right when you need it most. Its just not worth the risk.

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Another way to get free QuickBooks would be to figure out some way to exploit a loophole in a way that theyre offering discounts to their software. For example maybe they give you a free trial and if you were really ambitious you could export your data every time your trial period is about to end and import the data into another trial account but that just seems like its way more work than its worth. You have to remember that as a small business owner that your time is not worth nothing. Maybe you could figure out how to get your hands on a student who is going to college and get their information and use it to get a killer deal on QuickBooks but students graduate and discount codes expire. With QuickBooks all roads lead to full price eventually. So getting free QuickBooks this way is probably not going to work either in the long run. Its tough to get it free forever because they know that if youre looking for accounting software its because you are a business needing a solution to a mission-critical problem. For a long time QuickBooks has been the only game in town. They know they dont need to provide a discount or provide free options. They figure that theyll get everybody sooner or later. The one free accounting option that QuickBooks may not know about and maybe you dont know about either is ZipBooks. Its a great way to get most of the functionality of QuickBooks Pro for free. So its not free QuickBooks but it solves the problem of having accounting software without having to pay for it. A business owner knows that QuickBooks is accounting software and they dont know about other options like ZipBooks so they search for "QuickBooks for free" but theyre looking for accounting software thats free and has all the same functionality is QuickBooks.

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