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Creating Visual Storytelling with Your Photos :

Creating Visual Storytelling with Your Photos

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What is Visual Storytelling Telling ? A   visual storytelling is a story told primarily through the use of  visual  media. The story may be told using still photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio. Here are some tips for creating your own photo story Plan, plan and plan some more Single shot or a series? Take stronger images Trust your instincts Be original Don’t be afraid of failure

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Plan , plan and plan some more Planning is an essential part of the process for visual storytelling. Your plan should include selecting the topic, research on the topic, clarifying your topic, and finally planning your shots.

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One must remember a photo storytelling is nothing but the collection of multiple single images – these are the units of the visual story. Each single picture is a chapter in the story, and each chapter will disclose towards the climax. Keep in mind that the first and last images in a series are the most important. Single shot or a series ?

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Images should be emotive to have some kind of emotional impact on your viewer. Images should be thoughtfully layered with meaning that will attract your user and engage for long time. Take stronger images

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Be original Originality in photography is primary thing in visual storytelling . Keep you idea and images in your mind and grab all the things it will help you to stand out form others.

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This tips will help you to create your visual storytelling and engage viewers for long time For humanitarian / social documentary visual storytelling assignments or consultations, visit at

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