Yacht Hire Dubai - A Guide


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Different Types of Yachts:

Different Types of Yachts

1. Day Cruiser Yacht:

1. Day Cruiser Yacht Small in size under 6 meters length Have no cabins Not for Overnight Journey

2. Weekender Yachts:

2. Weekender Yachts Weekender Yachts are larger than day cruiser Usually around 10 meters of length Yacht are for short journeys

3. Cruising Yachts:

3. Cruising Yachts Cruising yachts are 7-14 meters in length Speed of 6 knots Capable of taking long-range passangers

4. Luxury Yachts:

4. Luxury Yachts Luxury yachts are 25+ meter long Filled with luxurious accommodations Best for long range cruising Dubai Yacht Charter is the best example

5. Sports Fishing Yachts:

5. Sports Fishing Yachts Under 9 meters Equipped with Fishing equipments, rods and etc. Designed for deep sea fishing and short trips

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Yacht are meant for leisure activities like fishing, cruising, yachting, sailing, partying, business meetings in style, birthday celebrations and etc. This Presentation is presented by Trilogy Yachts

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