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Sami Yasharpour is a student of humanity. He believes in the fundamental American values of honesty, kindness, and fairness. In every aspect of his life, Sami Yasharpour strives to uphold these fundamental values. Sami Yasharpour is driven to help others because of the love that he has for all of humanity. Sami Yasharpour is incapable of hate and believes that love is the driving force in his life. In becoming a successful entrepreneur, he has never sacrificed his integrity or his dedication to the fundamental values of honesty, kindness, and fairness.


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Sami Yasharpour :

Sami Yasharpour American Entrepreneur

About Sami Yasharpour - Living in Diverse Areas:

About Sami Yasharpour - Living in Diverse Areas Sami Yasharpour is a believer in the value of living in a diverse neighborhood. Since 1978, Sami Yasharpour has been living various racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse areas in Los Angeles. Living with people from different backgrounds has given Sami Yasharpour great respect and tolerance for others. Sami believes in principals of love thy neighbor and do unto others as you have them do unto you. Sami has practiced the same during his 35 years of stay in the Los Angeles area. He believes in achieving other folks’ respect by loving them, accepting them as who they are. Sami has always included other people, regardless of their race, religion, or any other artificial classification in his working and personal life.

Law Abiding Citizen: Sami Yasharpour :

Law Abiding Citizen: Sami Yasharpour Sami Yasharpour is a law abiding citizen living in the Los Angeles area. Sami does not even have a parking ticket to his name. Sami Yasharpour is the embodiment of justice and the American way. Sami Yasharpour believes and practices the American way of life. Further, he believes in living free from government and corporate oppression. He respects the government and the laws of the country, but also believes in fighting injustice within the frame work of the legal system. Sami Yasharpour believes in the values set forth in the Constitution and has always worked to uphold equality and justice for all.

Real Estate Investor: Sami Yasharpour :

Real Estate Investor: Sami Yasharpour Sami Yasharpour is an entrepreneur and a businessman who has invested in the real estate market. Currently, he owns and manages a multimillion-dollar portfolio of properties and financial products. Sami Yasharpour is a self-made man who has worked hard for the last 35 years without ever sacrificing his integrity. Sami Yasharpour's ultimate goal of financial self-sufficiency will be accomplished through his real estate investments. His goal of adding additional real estate to his portfolio will create a continuous cash flow from the rent proceeds.

CONTACT Sami Yasharpour:

CONTACT Sami Yasharpour Los Angeles, CA, USA

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