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Athena Goddess of wisdom and strategy in war.

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Athena was born, and usually portrayed, wearing battle armor and holding a shield. She has grey eyes and thick eyebrows.

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Athena was responsible for helping Odyssus , turning Arachne into a spider, giving Athens the olive tree, and turning Medusa into a monster.

Weaving, strategy and discipline in war, wisdom, and metalwork of weapons are her strengths. :

Weaving, strategy and discipline in war, wisdom, and metalwork of weapons are her strengths.

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Athena is very wise and maternal

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Some symbols represented by Athena are owls and olive trees.

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Zeus ate Athena’s mother because he was told that she would have a child that was more powerful than he was. A while later, he complained of having a headache so Haephestus came and hit Zeus on the head and then Zeus’s head split in half and A thena jumped out wearing battle armor. Therefore, Zeus is Athena’s only parent.

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Athena tends to get angry and turn people into monsters when they are disrespectful to her, like in the stories of Medusa and Arachne .

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There once was a beautiful woman named Medusa who lived in Athens. She was very self-absorbed and obsessed with herself and her beauty. She always told anyone who would listen about how gorgeous she was. One day she and her friends went to the Parthenon, which is a temple dedicated to Athena. When Medusa saw all the sculptures and paintings of Athena, she said that they should have painted her instead of Athena because she was much prettier. After everyone left, Medusa stayed behind to look at her reflection in the metal door. But when she looked at the door, instead of her own reflection she saw Athena’s face. Then Athena turned her into a monster with snakes on her head instead of hair. And she was so ugly that anyone who looked at her would turn to stone.

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