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TROUBLESHOOT SMELLS COMING FROM  CAR’S ENGINE  There are some car problems that can’t be solved during the regularly scheduled service checks. Are you planning to get the ​best Honda car servicing ​ Well let’s have a look at some of the common odours that can be detected let’s you know what to be aware of. 1. Hot oil: ​ When the oil heats up you should not feel its burning smell. Once you smell this know that there is a leakage in the oil circulation system and it could be dropping on a hot part such as the exhaust system.

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2. Burnt rubber: ​ It indicates one thing that is rubber has got into contact with hot material and is burning. When it strikes you try and look at all the rubber parts of your car. 3. Burning carpet: ​ It indicates that there could be an issue with your brake pads or your rotors may be overheating. 4. Gasoline: ​ The smell of gasoline while driving implies that there is a leakage in one of the pipes passing it. The gas leak could be either in the fuel injector or fuel tank.

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