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Shock Absorber Checklist Looking for tips before servicing your vehicle. ​Car servicing and MOT  check​ is one of the important procedures.  What are shock absorbers  They are the integral part of a vehicle’s suspension system. They are  used to ensure control to the vehicle. They are usually fitted near to  the wheels to control the impact and minimise the movement by  absorbing the energy from the road. They can be adjusted  automatically to any road conditions.

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When to replace the shock absorber  It depends on the terrain that you regularly drive. As with all car parts  shock absorbers can suffer from general wear and tear and you  should know the signs of them failing. If you notice an  uncharacteristic bouncing stiffness or feel that the handling of the car  is off then you may need to get the shock absorbers checked.  How to check your shock absorbers  To check if the shock absorbers are in good condition or not we have  to try the bounce test on the vehicle. It is one of the easy tests and  takes only a few seconds. Just simply press down one corner of the  car and the let go to see how the car responds and count the number  of bounces. If it bounces for two or more times this indicates there  could be a fault in the suspension. Repeat the test on all 4 corners of  the car to see if there is any different depending on where the impact  comes from.

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