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Pain Spa in UK offers chronic pain treatment in Bristol combining the latest technology and treatment with a holistic approach that includes living a healthier life and over all well-being.


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7 Effective Ways to Cope with Chronic Back Pain with Change in Lifestyle Back pain that lasts for more than three months is chronic in nature. It can cause a huge discomfort and problem in your life. It can actually disrupt your day to day activities as they can come and go again and again. It is important to deal with it the right way as it can be very frustrating. Chronic pain can have both physical and mental consequences. You can opt for chronic pain treatment in Bristol with a help of a professional. But for overall benefits you need to make some necessary changes in your lifestyle.

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Here are some suggestions on dealing with chronic back pain: 1. Know the Cause Knowing the actual cause of the back pain is important for treatment as well making the necessary changes in your lifestyle. There are various reasons for chronic back pain and one of them is advancing age. Other than the age accidents and some other disease can also be the cause of the chronic back pain. Arthritis of the spine spinal stenosis and disc problem and myofascial pain syndrome can also be the reasons. Make sure that you fully understand the cause of the back pain. 2. Physical Exercise Studies have shown that physical exercises can be of great help when dealing with chronic back pain. It is a part of a professional chronic pain treatment in Bristol where the exercises will be designed to suit your unique needs. The workouts can help you regain your posture and improve pain tolerance. Stretching exercises are very effective in treating chronic back pain. Flexibility in the muscles can also provide relief to the tired muscles. Include aerobic exercises and core strengthening exercises to strengthen your back. Remember to consult your doctor.

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3. Meditation Chronic back pain can lead to frustration and stress. Apart from the physical exercises you need to keep your mind free of clutter and stress-free so that you can deal with the situation effectively. Learn yoga and practice it every day. Breathing exercises can help you relax and be more mindful. It will help you become stronger mentally so that you can focus on other important things in your life. Choose the meditation style that you like and enjoy. 4. Diet Some food can be bad for your back. Food items with Trans fats refined sugar and eating too much processed food can be one of the reasons for the back pain as well. Your weight can also be the problem as it can put pressure on your spine. It is important to have a healthy diet as well as weight. Consult a doctor and see if you need to make changes to your diet. When you go for chronic pain treatment in Bristol diet is going to be a huge part of the treatment. 5. Activities Your lifestyle also plays an important role in dealing with chronic pain. Make sure you don’t indulge in activities that put pressure on your spine. Vacuuming and mowing can increase the pain in the back. Either don’t do such activities or do it wisely like taking a break in between. If you smoke you need to stop immediately

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as it can result in back pain. Likewise educate yourself about the various activities that can add to your back pain and try to cut back on them. 6. Look for alternative Treatment There are various other non-surgical treatments like acupuncture massage biofeedback therapy laser therapy and electrical nerve stimulation that can help you manage your back pain more effectively. These treatments are not only effective they are safe as well. Look for professional chronic pain treatment in Bristol where you can get these treatments. 7. Holistic Approach Chronic pains can be treated with medication and surgeries but if you want to a long lasting result then look for chronic pain treatment in Bristol that offers holistic approach to treating back pains. The Bottom-Line Chronic back pain can he treated with the right approach to treatment and by leading a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you make the necessary changes needed as well go for a professional chronic pain treatment in Bristol. Contact Us

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