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In this PPT, we have discussed about the benefits of social media optimization and its importance which will provide to enhance the website traffic and subscriber.


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Importance of Social Media Optimization:

Importance of Social Media O ptimization

What is Social Media Optimization?:

What is Social Media Optimization? It is the process of increasing the awareness of product , brand and some event by using the various number of social media. The main advantages of SMO is to use social media to drive the more traffic to a website.

Reasons Why You Need It? :

Reasons Why You Need It? More Customer Interaction Greater visibility Knowledge distribution Customer loyalty Enhancement Added marketing Insight Customer services Improvement

More Customer Interaction :

More Customer Interaction In this step, you can increase the customer interaction. The social media open op wonderful opportunity for you get know your customer and let them get to know you better too. In this methods, you are likely to draw them to you and encourage them to ask they question and make comments and provide the suggestions.

Greater Visibility :

Greater Visibility In this step, when you are active on twitter, facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms and the more you will boost your visibility's the more people aware of your brand and online store.

Knowledge Distribution:

Knowledge Distribution When you have a upcoming event, posting and the notice on your own website certainly no enough. If you are stores and get the featured gets in a popular magazine, and post about it. If you are launching the new products and post about it.

Customer Loyalty Enhancement:

Customer Loyalty Enhancement When you interact with them on a regular basic in platforms where they often spend time with real loved once and they can view you in the same light. You can easily gain their trust and increase the customer loyalty in the process.

Added Marketing Insight :

Added Marketing Insight Finding out that many of your FB page fans enjoy drinking coffee or discovering that a lot of your Twitter followers have babies which they tweet about often are marvelous marketing insights you can use to your advantage.

Customer Services Improvement :

Customer Services Improvement The social networks is a good and best opportunity for you to improve your customer services and make the people choose you over your competitions in the long run.

Advantages of SMO:

Advantages of SMO Improve your search engine optimization for higher ranking Boost website traffic and subscribers Generate the meaningful leads Maximize exposures for you business, product and services

Who I Am..:

Who I Am.. Sam Brettell is a social media optimization expert who provide the help in various services like: internet marketing and email marketing, currently who lives in United Kingdom.

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