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By: opowers (99 month(s) ago)

This is excellent-I'd really like to show my students these xrays for my Neonatal-Pediatrics class!

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Neonatal X-rays : 

Neonatal X-rays Dr S Sen MBBS,DCH,MD

Slide 2: 

Dextrocardia - heart pointing the wrong way

Slide 3: 

Chronic lung disease - hyperinflated chest with lots of patchy shadowing - some areas of shadows and some clear patches

Slide 4: 

Right upper lobe collapse and consolidation - patchy shadowing everywhere

Slide 5: 

Absent clavicles Craniocleidodysostosis

Slide 6: 

Absent cranial sutures - craniosynostosis

Slide 7: 

Guts in left side of chest - mediastinum displaced - chest drains in situ Diaphragmatic hernia

Slide 8: 

Widespread intramural gas - NEC

Slide 9: 

Chronic lung disease - uneven patchy shadowing and hyperexpansion - fractured left ribs

Slide 10: 

Dilated stomach Duodenal atresia

Slide 11: 

Bilateral pleural effusions - radio-opaque markers are the ends of pigtail catheters used for in-utero drainage

Slide 12: 

Pneumothorax - left chest drain is displaced

Slide 13: 

Free gas in the abdomen in supine view

Slide 14: 

Severe cystic chronic lung disease

Slide 15: 

Grossly abnormal chest shape and heart shape - god only knows what is goin on

Slide 16: 

NG tube in L thorax - diaphragmatic hernia

Slide 17: 

UVC going to the right in the liver - displaced into right hepatic vein

Slide 18: 

Fractured clavicle

Slide 19: 

Intramural gas, thickened and dilated bowel loops - NEC

Slide 20: 

Left lung opaque - ET tube in R main bronchus

Slide 21: 

Sternal wiring, large globoid heart, round wire mesh stent keeping the ductus arteriosus open

Slide 22: 

Abnormal heart - apex lifted off the diaphragm - Fallot’s

Slide 23: 

Dilated thickened bowel with intramural gas - NEC

Slide 25: 

Stomach and intestines on the wrong side - situs inversus

Slide 28: 

Right lung clear, left lung opaque - tube position satisfactory

Slide 30: 

Tension pneumothorax

Slide 31: 

Huge globular heart - in this case due a diabetic cardiomyopathy

Slide 32: 

Air bronchogram - severe RDS

Slide 34: 

Right lung collapsed - ET tube jammed in right main bronchus but opening into the left

Slide 35: 

Round shadow in central abdomen - perforation with free gas

Slide 36: 

Widespread ground glass appearance - heart borders not visible - RDS

Slide 41: 

UVC in R hepatic vein

Slide 42: 

Badly rotated film - solid lungs granular appearance - RDS

Slide 43: 

Right pneumothorax with anterior collection

Slide 45: 

Remarkably dark lung fields No obvious pneumothorax Possible pulmonary hypertension

Slide 46: 

Left lung has RDS, right lung has PIE with a large bulla at the base. Uneven surfactant ?

Slide 47: 

Venogram showing occlusion of the right femoral vein with collaterals - also shows bowel in a large left inguinal hernia

Slide 48: 

Right pleural effusion and left pneumothorax - probable large heart

Slide 49: 

Gas goes from ET tube into stomach and lungs - most severe form of TOF - a laryngeal web

Slide 50: 

Double bubble Duodenal atresia

Slide 52: 

A normal chest Xray

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