TB or Not TB

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A case illustration showing how this uncommon Paediatric condition can present with features suggestive of Tuberculosis


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TB or Not TB:

TB or Not TB Dr S Sen SpR North Western Deanery Dr F Child Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician RMCH

To be or not to be:

To be or not to be


Objectives Case Presentation Discussion Take home message


Case AS 12 years Asian Boy Presents in Sept 2008 Back after 3 weeks holiday in Pakistan Fever,Cough,Headache & Abdominal Pain Marked weight loss,myalgia & constipation


History Previously fit and well No contact with TB but cousin recently treated for typhoid Middle of 3 children-All fit and well Immunizations up to date with BCG scar present

Clinical Examination:

Clinical Examination Febrile Pale but not jaundiced Cervical lymphadenopathy No hepatosplenomegaly


Investigations FBC including film & MP,U&Es,LFTs,Bone profile,CRP,ESR,culture Urine & Stool cultures Viral serology & PCRs Autoimmune screen Immunoglobulins,Lymphocyte subsets and Function

Investigations( Contd):

Investigations( Contd) Quantiferon and Mantoux Test negative Toxoplasma,Yersinia,Brucella,Bartonella serology negative Hepatitis and HIV screen negative


Imaging Chest X Ray

Ultrasound Abdomen:

Ultrasound Abdomen

USS Report:

USS Report Normal appearances of Liver, Gall bladder, Spleen & Pancreas Both kidneys contain multiple cysts. No hydronephrosis Right lower abdomen area with mass like appearance produced by lymph nodes matted together Overall dimensions 4.6 x 2.5 x 2.1 cms with the largest lymph node 3.1 x 1.3 cm

CT Scan Abdomen:

CT Scan Abdomen

CT scan report:

CT scan report Multiple simple cysts in both kidneys Right iliac fossa showed 3.4x 2.4 lymph node mass. Some nodes showed characteristic low density consistent with tuberculous infection Unfortunately due to their position and encasement of vessels they were not amenable to Percutaneous FNA or Biopsy

Open biopsy:

Open biopsy Histopathology report


Diagnosis Presumed diagnosis of Abdominal Tuberculosis Started on quadruple antitubercular therapy with Rifampicin,Pyrazinamide,Isoniazid and Ethanbutol


Progress Seen in OPD 3 weeks later Still febrile with spikes of fever above 38 three times a day Loss of appetite & weakness Weight gain of 200gms Right supraclavicular lymphadenopathy Facial Rash


Admission Admitted to ward for observation of Fever pattern, dietary assessment and further investigations Seen by Rheumatologist Possibility of autoimmune disease raised Battery of tests arranged Results all negative


Histopathology Further histopathology report received confirming the diagnosis of Kikuchi’s disease

Kikuchi’s disease:

Kikuchi’s disease Kikuchi disease (KD) was reported for the first time in 1972 in Japan by Kikuchi and by Fujimoto and his colleagues. KD is an idiopathic, self-limited necrotizing lymphadenitis.

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