How to Make Moving Less Stressful


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How to Make Moving Less Stressful:

How to Make Moving Less Stressful

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Aside from the excitement of a new beginning, one thing that you can usually count on when it comes to moving is stress. It seems like no matter how hard to try to prevent it and remain calm, moving is just an overall stressful time for everyone. Of course, that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try to lower the stress level just a little. If you take steps in several of the most common stress-related areas, you’ll notice that the whole process runs a lot more smoothly.

Make a Plan:

Make a Plan One of the main stressors when it comes to moving is that feeling of being disorganized. It can literally make your head swirl, and without a plan you’re bound to forget something important. It’s always wise to start the planning process as early as possible, and to really envision your moving day so you don’t schedule too many things at the same time. Having utilities unhooked or hooked up at the same time as you’re trying to move stuff in or out is a recipe for disaster. Or at least for added stress that you don’t need. If the entire move goes off without a hitch, it is still more than enough without you adding to it.

Have a Back-Up Plan:

Have a Back-Up Plan Planning thoroughly and in advance is great, but just in case your plans go awry, it is also wise to throw some back ups into the mix. If you were using friends or family to help you move boxes in or out, try to have some others on stand by. If you have plans to get the kids and pets out of the way, make a back up plan for that too. Basically, try not to leave anything to chance or just assume that things will work out. Look ahead and figure which parts of the move have the potential to cause problems, and then make suitable back up plans so you’re covered.

Take Inventory:

Take Inventory Even though it could be listed under the planning section, taking inventory is important enough to have its own section. Keeping a detailed log of everything that you pack into boxes will reduce your stress level considerably. Preparing a written inventory will: Keep all of your belongings organized Ensure that you don’t leave anything behind Ensure that everything you packed makes it into the new house A simple way to do this is to use a pad of paper and pen, or your mobile device if it’s more convenient. Label all of your packing boxes and then list the boxes and their contents on your inventory list. Just make a check mark beside the boxes as they’re loaded, and then another check to indicate they’ve been unloaded at the new place.

Keep Essentials Together:

Keep Essentials Together One of the packing tips that it’s wise to follow to reduce stress is to keep all of your everyday essentials together. Simple things like toilet paper, a kettle, power tools or anything else that you may need to grab quickly at any point of the move should be boxed together. That way, you won’t have to search through your inventory list and open multiple boxes to find what you need.

Watch the Irreplaceable:

Watch the Irreplaceable Everyone has mementos and keepsakes that have sentimental value and can’t be replaced. And while any reputable mover will take measures to protect your valuables, the best course of action is to move them yourself. Any items you have that are special to you and can’t be replaced and can fit in your car should be moved by you. Why tempt fate with your irreplaceable items if you don’t have to?

Moving Containers:

Moving Containers A big part of the stress of moving day is getting everything you own into a truck and then out of a truck and into the new house. Obviously , movers take care of most of the heavy lifting, but it’s usually coordinating the whole thing that causes the stress. One way to combat that is to use moving containers. A moving container is basically a big metal box that is placed on your property. You can usually have it placed there well in advance of moving day, which enables you to take your time filling it with boxes.

Moving Containers:

Moving Containers You can pack many of your ‘non-essentials’ in advance to simplify the process. Moving containers are secure and weather proof, so by using one you can essentially eliminate that ‘mad dash’ feeling that always seems to accompany moving day. You can also use your container as a storage unit after the fact, if you aren’t quite ready to move everything in yet due to renovations or some other reason.

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