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It’s celebrated every year on the 14 th in either late winter or early spring This commemorates the day the Jewish people were saved from Haman the ruler ( Persia 4 th century BCE ) T he king in Persian at the time found a Jewish wife The anti-sematic Haman, became the Prime minister and wanted her uncle Mordechai to bow down to him – he refused - infuriated , Haman convinced the king to order a decree exterminating all Jews PURIM


Her e’s a video about the history of Purim and how it is celebrated in Israel :


HOW TO CELEBRATE: Purim is about joy and happiness That is why it is celebrated with constant singing, dancing and giving First, Jews will read the book of Esther and whenever the name Haman is said sounds, noises and actions of disgust of uncomfort will be done. ( e.g stomping, yelling) The day before Purim Jews are to fast from morning until after hearing the Megillah (a book in Jewish Scripture) at night


Singing and dancing occurs but anything wild and dangerous is prohibited Plays will be performed by students in a yshivah (general theme for plays are happiness and fun)


The next morning the book of Esther is read once more the same thing is done when Haman’s name is said A festive breakfast is done afterwards The main meal is eaten in the late afternoon. Bread, at least one cooked food and a cup of wine


The rest of the day is left to give to people (in the Bible it says they must give to at least 2 people and to anyone who asks) During each day of Purim, Jews must give at least one friend two cooked and ready to eat items


HANUKKAH This is an 8 day festival of light. It celebrates the light winning against darkness, this celebrates the rededication of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in the 2 nd century BC Hanakkuh isn’t technically supposed to be a major holiday, (it is not written in the Torah because these events occurred after the Torah) but now it is seen as a major holiday because it falls close to Christmas It is celebrated because in the temple there was not enough oil in the menorah but because of a miracle it lasted 8 days.


Here’s another cool song about Hanukkah


HOW TO CELEBRATE: Hanukkah is a very festive and joyous celebration on each day of Hanukah a candle is lit on a nine-branched candelabrum A candle called the shamash is used to light the other candles. B lessings, festive songs and chants are sung after every candle is lit. The Menorah is usually put in front of a window so that people can see the miracle that happened here


it is tradition to give gold (chocolate coins) as small gifts. It is also tradition to give gifts to one another on each day of Hanukkah (especially to children) A game called Dreidel (a spinning top that shows 4 hebrew letters: nun, gimel , hey, shin- which stand for “A great miracle happened there” is played by adults and kids


Here’s another Hanukkah song!! (there are too may good ones)


Usually oily food is eaten- especially latkes ( potatoe pancakes) If the Jews had not succeeded in rededicating the temple to God then Judaism may have been wiped out completely This means that Christianity may have been non-existent because Jesus would not have been born a Jew Hanukkah commemorates a day of liberation, religious freedom and the miracle of the oil


SHAVUOT It’s a 2 day holiday that starts at sundown of the 5 th sivan (May / J une ) Shavuot commemorates and renews the acceptance of God’s gift on mount Sinai. (10 commandments and Torah) Its almost like a wedding between God and Jewish people  


HOW TO CELEBRATE: The synagogues and homes of Jewish people are to be decorated with greenery, flowers and fruits. The adults must stay up all night and partake in “ Tikkun Leil Shavuot” – which means “making ourselves better people on the night of Shavuot” ( es-sentially it means learning the Torah)


Dairy foods are eaten (cheese, cheesecakes)- dairy is significant because after God told the Jews about the Torah and how to cook and prepare meat all of their utensils and pots became “un-kosher” this lead them to eat dairy which was the only alternative. During Shavuot people often chant the 10 commandments and read the Megilat Rut (Book of Ruth )


Tall cakes are sometimes made to remind us how tall Mount Sinai was


Watch this video up to 1 minute. It states all the tragedies on the 9 th Av. TISHA B’AV This commemorates the day the Babylonians destroyed the 2 Jewish temples in Jerusalem 586 BCE as well as other tragic days that ocured on the 9 th day Av


Tisha B’Av is celebrated on the 9 th of Hebrew month Av (July or Mid- August) These days of destruction especially for both temples were tragic and devastating, that the rabbis of that time declared the day the temples were destructed is to be a day of mourning . HOW TO CELEBRATE: it is celebrated with 3 weeks of mourning (during this time weddings are not allowed ) the last 9 days of the 3 weeks become even more mournful and according to the Talmud, Jews will be prohibited to do certain activities: cut or shave hair, some Jews fast from wine, meat and activities that may be seen as entertaining. Jews may not wash their clothes either.


The actual day of Tisha B’Av , is a full fast day for food and drink. (Those who would have their health at risk if participated will be excused) Some more intense Jews will also refrain from bathing, wearing makeup, leather shoes and having sexual relations. work is allowed on this day In the synagogue service at Tisha B’Av the reading of the book of Lamentations is read out loud and it is joined with cries and sounds of mourning in the crowd  


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