Effect of Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels and Plant

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Effect of Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels and Plant Growth:

By Saman Sharifi Effect of Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels and Plant Growth

Environmental Factors Affecting Plant Growth:

Environmental Factors Affecting Plant Growth Four main factors Temperature Available water Available light Available nutrients All four work together to allow the plant to achieve photosynthesis.

Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon Dioxide Occurs naturally Product of animal metabolism Beginning to occur in excess A “greenhouse gas” Block thermal radiation from going back to the sun

Greenhouse Effect:

Greenhouse Effect

Examining the Affect :

Experiment done at the University of Utrecht by Hendrik Poorter and Marta Perez-Soba. Grew plants with different levels of carbon dioxide present Control group- 30 to 40 Pascal Experimental Group- 60 to 80 Pascal Also Observed the affect time and type of species have on the plant. Examining the Affect

What was Measured :

To observe the affect on the plants, the scientists looked at four specific characteristic. Relative Growth Rate (RGR). Unit Leaf Rate (ULR). Leaf Mass Fraction (LMF). Biomass Enhancement Ration (BER) What was Measured

Effect of Elevated Carbon Dioxide.:

Effect of Elevated Carbon Dioxide.

Effect of Time and Carbon Dioxide:

Effect of Time and Carbon Dioxide

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