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Traffic Course #15: How To Generate Traffic Using HubPages:

Traffic Course #15: How To Generate Traffic Using HubPages by imjetred | on November 25, 2012

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HubPages is an online writing site that can really increase visitors to your blog, and learning how to generate traffic using HubPages is very simple No matter how great the ads and affiliate products are on your site, if only a handful of people visit your blog every day, you aren’t going to make enough income to sustain your business. … HubPages and other easy, online writing platforms like Squidoo , offer you the opportunity to place links in articles you create on the site, directing traffic to your website, in addition to allowing you to generate income via ads and affiliate links. …To clearly understand the role of these writing platforms, picture your main website or blog as being the dartboard, visitors and traffic are the actual dart and Squidoo or Hubpages are the flights that you put on the dart, to get it to the dartboard.

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Continue… …When you begin writing on HubPages , you will be allowed two outbound links – one method that works well is to direct one of the links to another article you’ve written on a different site, such as Blogger or Squidoo , and have the other link take readers directly to your main target (blog). …By writing an article, referred to as a “hub” on Hubpages , you will be able to take advantage of ranking faster in Google, which drives traffic to your blog quicker, because these sites are considered authority sites in Google’s eyes. …Your own blog takes a long time to develop, and Google won’t give it the recognition it deserves until it builds a reputation and has quality content, so that is why these sites are so important for bloggers.

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Continue… …However, do not plan on putting up low quality content or creating a hub that is not search engine optimized because, for the hub to rank in a Google search, it still requires the same qualities as your main blog does. Hubs on HubPages are very easy (and fun) to create, and as long as you make them interesting and relevant to your blog or website, you will be amazed at how quickly your traffic will grow! Click here to read more of traffic generation courses articles.

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Good luck and happy blogging! We in no way guarantee any income of any type. YOU COULD MAKE NO MONEY AT ALL. All example of income are illustration of what’s possible, and there is actual documentation to back every claim up. We post our average income on our income disclosure document to provide full disclosure because we believe in Empowering you to make great choices and live an amazing life. Because you deserve it – so let’s make it happen.

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