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Cell Phone Jammer:

Cell Phone Jammer By Sameer gupta B.TECH (ECE) 2010 to 2014 Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering Amity university rajasthan 1


Contents Introduction How Cell Phone Jammer Works Types of Jamming techniques Design Parameters/ Specification Types of jammer device Block Diagram Types Of Jammer Device Applications of Jammer Future scope of Jamming Technology Conclusion Amity university rajasthan 2

Introduction :

Introduction Cell phone jammers are devices that create a temporary "dead zone" to all cell phone traffic in their immediate proximity Amity university rajasthan 3

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Amity university rajasthan 4 A jamming device transmits - same radio frequencies of greater power as the cell phone, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station in the tower. It's a called a denial-of-service attack . How cell phone jammer works

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This causes interference with communication of cell phones and towers to render the phones unusable. On most phones, the network would be out of range. So Jammers work by either disrupting phone to tower freq.. or tower to phone frequencies. Amity university rajasthan 5

Jamming techniques:

Jamming techniques Type "A" Device: JAMMERS Type “B” Device: INTELLIGENT CELLULAR DISABLERS Type “C” Device: INTELLIGENT BEACON DISABLERS Type “D” Device: DIRECT RECEIVE & TRANSMIT JAMMERS Type “E” Device: EMI SHIELD - PASSIVE JAMMING Amity university rajasthan 6

Jamming techniques:

Jamming techniques Type "A" Device: JAMMERS This type of device comes equipped with several independent oscillators transmitting ’jamming signals’ capable of blocking frequencies used by paging devices as well as those used by cellular systems control channels for call establishment. Amity university rajasthan 7

Jamming techniques:

Jamming techniques 2.Type “B” Device: INTELLIGENT CELLULAR DISABLERS Unlike jammers, Type ”B” devices do not transmit an interfering signal on the control channels. The device, when located in a designated ’quite’ area, functions as a ’detector’. It has a unique identification number for communicating with the cellular base station. Amity university rajasthan 8

Jamming techniques:

Jamming techniques 3. Type “C” Device (Intelligent Beacon Disablers) Unlike jammers, Type C devices do not transmit an interfering signal on the control channels. The device, when located in a designated ’quiet’ area, functions as a ’beacon’ and any compatible terminal is instructed to disable its ringer or disable its operation, while within the coverage area of beacon. Amity university rajasthan 9

Jamming techniques:

Jamming techniques 4. Type “D” Device (Direct Receive & Transmit Jammers) This jammer behaves like a small, independent and portable base station, which can directly interact intelligently or unintelligently with the operation of the local mobile phone. The jammer is predominantly in receive mode and will intelligently choose to interact and block the cell Phone directly if it is within close proximity of the jammer. Amity university rajasthan 10

Jamming techniques:

Jamming techniques 5. Type E Device (EMI Shield - Passive Jamming) This technique is using EMI suppression techniques to make a room into what is called Faraday cage. Although labor intensive to construct, the Faraday cage essentially Blocks or greatly attenuates, virtually all electromagnetic radiation from entering or leaving the cage - or in this case a target room. Amity university rajasthan 11

Design Parameters/ Specification:

Design Parameters/ Specification Free space loss {F}= Path Loss (dB)= 32.44 + 20 log D(km) + 20log f(MHz) Amity university rajasthan 12 The frequency bands Distance to be jammed (D) Power calculations

Block Diagram :

Block Diagram Amity university rajasthan 13 If section Rf section Jamming signals Power supply

Power supply :

Power supply Amity university rajasthan 14 Transformer Rectifier Regulator filter

IF section :

IF section Amity university rajasthan 15 Triangular wave generator Noise generator Mixer summer “Summer”

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IF section

RF section :

RF section Amity university rajasthan 17 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Power Amplifier Antenna

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RF section

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Amity university rajasthan 19 Contd. Cell Phone Jammer

Types of jammer device :

Types of jammer device Amity university rajasthan Types of cell phone jammer device There are many types of cell phone jammer device which is used in our daily life .as we take a example of class room ,where we does not want to use of cell phone than there we can use cell phone jammer device .by this we can produce the interface between the cell phone base station and cell phone . resulting it disconnect the cell from base station .and we can not receive the any calls from base station. For this there are many types of cell phone jammer devices which is given as below: Contd.

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Remote Control cell phone jammer Adjustable cell phone Jammer School &Prison Phone Jammer Explosion – Proof cell phone jammer Police & Mila try Phone Jammer Portable Cell Phone Jammer Amity university rajasthan

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Amity university rajasthan

Application :

Application To maintain the complete silence in library and lecture hall To avoid fraud in examination hall To avoid disturbance in class room For providing security in business conference, board of directors rooms, seminars, etc., For providing calm and peaceful atmosphere in Hospitals Church/Mosques/Cathedral/Temple/Religious establishment Amity university rajasthan 23

Future scope of Jamming Technology :

Future scope of Jamming Technology While the law clearly prohibits using a device to actively disrupt a cell-phone signal, there are no rules against passive cell-phone blocking. Companies are working on devices that control a cell phone but do not "jam the signal. Amity university rajasthan 24


Conclusion Every technology has good aspect as well as bad aspect the important thing is ,how we are using it. Cell phone jammers are very useful to the society from the anti-social elements. We can save our national leaders. we can restrict the communication network between the anti-social elements by using the cell phone jammers. Cell phone jammers prevent the students from carrying cell phones to the colleges. As every thing goes fine, it is very necessary to implement in all the colleges Amity university rajasthan 25

Bibliography :

Bibliography en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Mobile_phone_jammer Multitopic Conference, 2008.INMIC 2008.IEEE International www.HowStuffWork.com/ Ahmed Jisrawi, "GSM 900 Mobile Jammer", undergrad project, JUST, 2006. Sami Azzam , Ahmad Hijazi , Ali Mahmoudy . ”Smart Jammer for mobile phone systems” Amity university rajasthan 26

Bibliography :

Bibliography Mobile & Personal Communications Committee of the Radio Advisory Board of Canada, “Use of jammer and disabler Devices for blocking PCS, Cellular & Related Services” "Zone of silence [cell phone jammer]," Spectrum, IEEE , vol.42, no.5, 18, May 2005 Amity university rajasthan 27 Contd.

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Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra 28 Ms. Shally goyal ma’m

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