body fitness myths: part ii

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Hope you liked Body Fitness Myths Part 1. This is the extension of that with more tips about diet plans and body fitness.


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Body Fitness Myths: Part II:

Body Fitness Myths: Part II Click here for details

Truth About Abs, Fitness, Diet, & Workout Tips  :

Truth About Abs, Fitness, Diet, & Workout Tips Your Excess Abdominal Fat is Not Only Ugly, but DANGEROUS to Your Health. Secrets You MUST Know if You Ever Want to Stand a Chance for Getting Six Pack Abs. Avoid Food Marketing Deception & Make Healthy Grocery Store Choices

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Do You Train to "Isolate" Body Parts? If So, That Could be the Reason for Your Lack of Results, and Worse, Could Make You Prone to Injury. Antioxidants - Already Known for Slowing Down Aging, and Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease....But Did You Know They Also Help You Develop a Lean, Strong Body

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The Energy Drink Phenomenon: Mind-Body Connection the Only Reason for Results. Treadmill & Elliptical Workouts actually SUCK.

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