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KWL Kwl tell you. k stand for what you know ,w stand for what you want to know and l stand for what you have learned. kwl is important because it tell the teacher what I know and what I want to know. L tell me what I have learned.

Read Aloud:

Read Aloud When teacher read then follow him/her then write the answer what he ask. You can highlight as the teacher go. Under line or highlight interesting facts. This is important because it help us too learn different ways.

Think aloud:

Think aloud You read first then ask question or summarize. What does that remind you off. That what good read do. This is important because it help us to learn to more better.


cloze Cloze is a paragraph about any text.some place is blank. You have to find out the close to find out the answer. There are different kind of cloze 1) blank where the answer is 2)3 answer you have to choose one 3)the answer is down 4) you have to find out the the clue word to find answer.

Make and break:

Make and break It is like a close you have to finger it out where it go. Its like puzzle you have to fit the sentence where it is important because to grow more neurons .It is easy to do it.

Inductive data sets:

Inductive data sets Data set first you read highlight the important words. Then draw picture, summary, question, and one word that repress the paragraph. Then after that find 5 craterous then put it belongs. This important because you will know which one where it belong. Different things it tell about natural disaster. Where it mostly tell different things about natural disaster. How the thing work and they found out .

Most interesting:

Most interesting I think the best one data set.. It is the best for me because we can write question, summary, visualize . It help me to understand more better. And it help me. It is easier to do and fun .

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