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make a successful curriculum vitae for best job,simple things to be remember while making a CV.


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What is a CV?:

What is a CV? Outline of your educational and professional history A poster to sell out yourself A cover page of your life

What information included?:

What information included? Personal details Educational details Work experience Skills and interests Referee

Personal details:

Personal details It consists of Name (use your name as heading of the CV, instead of putting ‘curriculum vitae’, so the manager can find you quickly ) Postal address Contact number (mobile and land) Email address (write sensible email, which can type and remember quickly) Date of birth Type your address just below your name to contact you quickly in office time

Educational qualifications:

Educational qualifications Add most impressive or relevant courses (not all the exams you passed) Mention your grades (only if not poor) Write most recent exam/course first If you are a just pass out student, mention your educational qualification in detail. Because you have no work experience details in your CV

Work experience:

Work experience write your previous jobs which is similar to applying job Use action words (developed, organized, achieved etc.) (it tells what you achieved than what you just ‘did’) You can mention even small jobs (your experience in handling customers) write your time period of each job

Skills and interests:

Skills and interests Try to relate your skills to job It should be short and point wise Don’t put many solitary hobbies, show hobbies of social mingling also Mention variety of hobbies Out of ordinary hobbies (gave you advantage over other applicants) Point out evidence to your leadership and other skills (college soccer team captain, scout leader etc.)

Things to be remembered…:

Things to be remembered… Not more than 2 sides of a4 paper (while checking many CVs no one go deeply into yours) If you are sending not as email, use good quality paper-but not too thick No large empty spaces Most noticeable places are upper and lower parts of page, so try to write important detail in top and bottom of page (try to start a new section in new page, not continuation of previous page)

Things to be remembered…:

Things to be remembered… Main page is the most noticeable place (include most important/relevant details for job) Avoid spelling mistake (do spell check in computer, then manually-computer will not correct ‘grate’ instead of ‘great’) Use standard font and size Update your CV for each job you apply ( study about company/job you applying for, and write for it ) Avoid photographs/decoration

PowerPoint Presentation:

As a CV is the first impression before interview, spend much time on it . Imagine you as a busy manager and think what all details you look and how (so you will get what all you want to write and how to order it) Go with a red pen , shorten as much as u can

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