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My Book review

My Book Review : 

My Book Review It is an exotic perplexing enigma! The mystery of who killed him was a BIG QUESTION MARK! Maggie and Greenfield did their best to answer it!

My Book Review : 

My Book Review I really enjoyed reading this book! It took me to the place and made me feel the time! It was an amazing experience. The adventure was striking.

My Book Review : 

My Book Review Maggie did have an impact on me ,I felt at some point that I was like her when I first started out my working career. Her boss was really a something!

My Book Review : 

My Book Review I recommend this book to : AbdelKader- Alia-Amr- Anna-Farida - Mira- Nada- Hussein- Hesham- Mohamed Ali- Yousseif –Mohamed Sherif-Ziad- Omar- Seif- Sherif

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