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Stunning diamond jewelry is available in innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship. Diamonds jewelry are made with the sparkling diamonds and brilliant gemstones. you can adorn yourself with the gorgeous jewelry pieces


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Explore the world with the best companion —  Diamonds . Rosec Jewels


About Us We known for our excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs. In Rosec Jewels we make jewelry to adorn women and enhance their grace. We have jewelry for every women and for every occasion. Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets features the gold metals’ brilliance, which rectify the sparkles of diamonds. We make sure to enlighten your events with gorgeous Diamond Jewelry. We are the craftsman of your dream jewelry and we promise you to be your faithful store always.


Add a little sparkle to your life ! Hi story of Engagement Rings In 1477 Archduke Maximilian is the first significant man who put an engagement ring on his beloved partner Mary of Burgundy. This influence others and started the culture of engagement ring or giving diamonds to their loved ones. The idea of an engagement ring is to symbolize the love and commitment of marriage. The engagement ring is in the shape of a circle which refers to the circle of life. The circle symbolizes no end and no beginning. It’s an infinite circle of love which goes beyond the life that is also an importance of engagement ring to be accepted universally.


Why Engagement Ring Is So Famous? Engagement Rings  indicates that the person – men or women, is engaged or married. The engagement ring symbolizes marriage and forever bond between the two individuals. In different culture, people have different custom, but engagement rings are almost in every religion. It represents the agreement to the marriage. The first official Engagement Rings   was put by a man was in 1477 in gold medal with crafted diamond. After that engagement rings are becoming part of the marriage and the custom. Can the size of a diamond ring, reflect the love of two individual shares? Not sure. But diamonds are making noise in the jewelry business with engagement rings. When someone proposed his love with an engagement ring it itself has so many emotions in it. And one cannot deny that it is the most precious moment of two individuals’ life. After putting an engagement ring, they are becoming the inseparable part of one another life. This ordinary piece of jewelry suddenly becomes the commitment of two souls.


W hat Women Want? Every women choice is different, some love simple and elegant things while some are more drawn towards trendy and dramatical things. And if you are planning to purpose your girl than things are more difficult for you. Its tricky to pick the perfect ring for a women. For closure you can ask her close one's like her mother or friends or observe her wardrobe closely, what she wears, what accessory she prefers. It will help you a lot and you can make her happy with sparkling piece.


P oints To Remember While Buying A Ring 4 C’s of diamond Right ring size Insure the diamond Certified your diamond Set your budget


Things You Don’t Know About Rings Carat Weight Myth Modification of Rings Ring’s Insurance diamond ring is certification Round is Everyone’s Favorite Solitaire rings are the supreme Diamond Shape According to your Finger The shape of Diamond Affects the Price


Trendy Engagement Rings Your big day is here, besides being happy if you are worried about the diamond engagement ring then don’t be. We have some good options for you!! Solitaire halo diamond rings are classic women’s choice its elegant sparkling and add charisma to the lady. Side detailing diamond ring will be the icing on the cake. Trendy and glittery three stone diamond ring will grace her persona. What’s better than having a three-diamond stone in one ring Vintage is timeless! Superb vintage designs are available in diamond rings it will be her forever friend. Vintage diamond rings have a uniqueness in it. The yellow gold band will do wonders with a vintage ring. Eternity diamond bands are a perfect gift for a woman. With lots of diamond embellishment, it will brighten up her face when you gift her. Every style woman can own this ring with grace. Add something personal to your diamond ring. You can customize your own design or can engrave something which defines your love to her. Custom diamond ring will make a more beautiful and valuable gift for her.


Three Stone Rings S olitaire Rings A Solitaire Ring showcase the beauty of a single diamond in the center. Solitaire Engagement Rings are perfect for the brides who love simple and elegant things. The more diamond you add to the ring, the more it will spice it up! Three Stone Diamond Ring  has three stone at the center of the ring which enhances the center look brilliantly.


Vintage Rings Gemstone Rings Capturing the color in the engagement ring to enhance the charm can be the best option for the ladies who love to color world. You can engrave gemstone in any ring design whether it be three stone ring or a solitaire, or you want to compliment vintage ring with gemstone Inspired by the past, Vintage engagement rings are never meant to go out of fashion. Vintage has a distinctive touch of romance in it, extreme choice of a bride. Elegant detailing and design make vintage more fascinating.


Floral Rings Cocktail Rings Cocktail Rings are the loud, glittery rings, women love to adorn themselves with dramatic accessories on some special occasion. Multiple sparkling stones are engraved to decorate them. Floral feminine designs looks always enchanting in women’s accessory. Floral Rings looks graceful on women and add a glamourous touch to their look.


L Ring’s Metal Rings metal majorly affect the ring’s looking. A perfect metal band can enhance the beauty of the ring amazingly. Brides who love sparkling accessory can go with white gold and platinum metal; it will add more shimmer to the ring. The one who are more drawn towards unique and classic stuff, can easily fall for the beauty of yellow and rose gold. Its really a personal choice, choose designs and stone which compliment you ring the best.


If You Don’t love your Engagement Ring Add more sparkles to the ring, engraving of more diamonds will make ring more precious and beautiful Modify the ring settings, changing of diamond setting will effect a lot on rings deign. If you have the exchange policy, you can exchange it from the store. Replace the metal band, a shift gold to sparkling platinum can give you a whole new ring look. Electrify with halo setting, encasing of tiny petite diamonds makes ring more gorgeous.


Ring’s Setting You can electrify the ring hundred times by just changing its setting. Deciding the perfect Rings settings, again is the tough decision. Simple prong setting look very classy on solitaire whereas by just adding some diamonds in halo setting you can spark the ring beautifully. Some brides do go for the solid bezel setting, it protects your diamond and maintain its shimmer through years.


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