AMCL Machinery A New Dimension


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Essentials to be revitalized for Growth and Reaching Greater Heights


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Restructuring A New Dimension

Take Current StockInternal : 

Take Current StockInternal Organization and Responsibilities Functions and Systems Products and Design Features, USPs Pricing and Costs

Take Current StockExternal : 

Take Current StockExternal Customers Competitors Vendors Suppliers Quality Certifications Statutory Regulators

Objectives : 

Objectives Study Current Plan Break into Goals Correlate into Responsibilities Identify Gaps Set New Global Objectives

Strategy : 

Strategy Bench Marking Competitors Domestic Global Gap Analysis Resource Gap Identification Gap Fulfillment Plan & Responsibility Identification of Further Threats

New Business Model : 

New Business Model Re-visited Budget in Detail Sensitivity Analysis Sales Volume Price Cost OE Items Fabricated / Manufactured Cost of Finance

Capital Structuring : 

Capital Structuring Study Current Structure Requirement for revisited Business Plan Identify Gaps Propose Restructuring

Team Motivation : 

Team Motivation Revitalize Energies Regroup / Combine Synergies Frames of Reference The Larger Picture Organizational Goals and Personal Ambitions

Skill & Development : 

Skill & Development List Skills required Gap Identification Development Programs External Exposure Customer – Dealer Interaction of Factory Functions

Monitoring & Mentoring : 

Monitoring & Mentoring Progress Review Time Milestone based Project based Strategy Review Plan to achieve Objective Revisit Objective Rejuvenate Energy

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