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I like to thank all those unknown individuals/entities whose pictures I have used for making this presentation for educational purposes. Acknowledgement

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Dedication To the youth of the world to help them quit smoking and change, for the better Sajjad Hussain

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I, I could never tell thought I knew you well But all this time

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I , Haunts me let you get away every night and every day

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You, were the only one The only friend that I counted on

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How , could I watch you walk away I'd give anything to have you here today

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But now , I stand alone with my pride

Slide 9:

And dream, that you're still by my side

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But that was yesterday I had the world in my hands

Slide 11:

But it's not the end of my world Just a slight change of plans

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That was yesterday But today

Slide 13:

No more hiding in yesterday Cause yesterday's gone

Slide 15:

Love, my love I gave it all Thought I saw the light when I heard you call

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Life , Has deserted me, that we both could share left me in despair

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But now (now) I stand alone with my pride

Slide 18:

Fighting back the tears I never let myself cry

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But that was yesterday Love was torn from my hands

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But it's not the end of my world Just a little hard to understand

Slide 21:

That was yesterday But today life goes on

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You won't find me in yesterday's world Now yesterday's gone

Slide 23:

Goodbye yesterday

Slide 24:

Now it's over and done

Slide 25:

Still I hope somewhere deep in your heart

Slide 26:

Yesterday will live on

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Sajjad Hussain

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