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Design Hotels from Mydesignevents : 

Design Hotels from Mydesignevents Mydesignevents is an agency of a new kind specialising in the organisation and the reservation of corporate incentives and seminars in luxury "boutique and design hotels" in places like Paris, Cannes French Riviera, in London and other European metropoles.

Why staying in a design hotels in Paris is so exiting? : 

Why staying in a design hotels in Paris is so exiting? Paris is different than any others Capitals; design hotels in Paris are smaller. Some of them have under 100 rooms but most around 40 rooms. Stay at the famous Costes K hotel if you want a large design hotel in Paris with a swimming pool.

The Boutique Hotels in Paris : 

The Boutique Hotels in Paris If you are looking for a nicely designed place, a Boutique Hotel in Paris, you have surely heard of such well known Parisian institutions as Pershing Hall, a 5-star hotel on the Champs Elysées; Hotel Murano, the first urban resort hotel in the Marais ... and others such as Hotel Costes K and the Hotel de Sers.

Contact Us : 

Contact Us Mydesignevents Ltd: oo44 141 416 1511oo33 142 214 354info@mydesignevents.com

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