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JOB SEARCH LETTERS It comes under the head of the business letters, it is a letter written by an individual is either unemployed or dissatisfied with their current position, to the employer those provide the advertisement regarding the job vacancies in the news papers,journels etc.


GUIDE LINES Know the name and the title of the person. Respect the company culture. Stress what you can offer the organization. Take a responsibility for follow-up and develop a plan. Aim for perfection with all job search letters. Write in a simple, clear and concise way.


TYPES OF LETTERS Cover letter Contact letter Follow-up or thank you letter

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COVER LETTER “A cover letter is a document sent with resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience.”

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A cover letter also known as letter of application The main purpose of the cover letter is to attract the employee’s attention , create interest in the applicant, build an interest to look carefully at the resume and make it easy for the employer to take positive action. Application letter is to get employer interested enough to read our application and contact us for an interview


THINGS TO BE ACHIEVE Introduce you to employer Arrest their attention Pique their interest Persuade them that you are the person to Interview

SOURSES(on the basis of which applicant writes letters):

SOURSES( on the basis of which applicant writes letters) When the job seeker read an advertisement intimating a vacancy and soliciting applications for the post. When he gets information of a vacancy through an indirect source. When the job seeker on his own selects a few concern where, he feels his service useful and writes to them,

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Your name& Street Address City, State, Zip Code Date . WRITER’S ADDRESS AND DATE 2. INSIDE ADDRESS Name of Person & Title Company/Organization Street Address City, State, Zip Cod:

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3.SALUTATION Dear Mr./Ms…… Do not address a letter to ‘dear sir’ or ‘dear madam.’ . 4.INTRODUCTION It should cover the reason and need of writing the letter. Also from where you heard about the available position. It should attract the attention of the reader.

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5.BODY OF LETTER Explain why you are interested in working for that employer. Explain what your qualification are(academic background, work experience, personal skills) Point out achievements. It should be 2 or 3 paragraph.

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6.CLOSING The closing paragraph should ask for some action from recipient. This is where you ask for an interview and how they can reach you. Also thank to recipient for giving opportunity to apply.

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7.COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE Yours faithfully, yours sincerely 8.SIGNATURE 9.ENCLOUSURES


CONTACT LETTER A contact letter is a letter in which the write makes a general assessment of the qualities, interest,attitude,integrity,communityinvolvement and personal characteristics of a person. Contact letters are typically used in situation where an individual’s character is being assessed. It is also confirms details about an individual’s situation or circumstance

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“A Thank you letter is sent by the job seeker following an interview to express appreciation for the employer’s time.” it is gratitude letter and are essential to a good job search strategy. it should be sent within 24 hours after the job interview or meeting. THANK YOU LETTER

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Send thank you letter to those who have Referred you to employers Interviewed you for employment Offered you a position Written recommendation for you

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BODY OF LETTER The Opening paragraph of your letter should thank the hiring manager. The second paragraph should include the reason why you are a strong candidate for the position. If you didn’t get a chance to discuss your qualification use the next paragraph to explain. In your closing paragraph, reiterate your appreciation for being consider for the job.

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A resume is a brief record of ones personnel history and qualification that is typically prepared by an applicant for a job. A resume is a marketing tool used by an individual to secure a job or a promotion. It is a written form of communication RESUME

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Recruiters prefer a two page or one page resume Resume must be brief ,attractive, easy to read The most serious mistake by job candidates make is by including too much data. Recruiter typically spends no more than 35 seconds, during initial screening . RESUMW LENGTH


CONTENT IDENTIFYING INFORMATION The name and address should be correct Should be the first item on the resume Should include phone number, mail id. should be arranged attractively.

Career objective:

Career objective Short summary of your area of expertise and career interest It should not be weak and general. It should be personalized Should help you to get fitted in the right place in the organization


… EDUCATION — Should contain details about your degree, masters, college, university, date of graduation. WORK EXPERIENCE — Give a brief description about any work experience you had. It should be true, specific.


..... APPTITUDE AND SKILLS Special skills, professional affiliations, qualities , technical skills ,etc can be highlighted. STRENGTH & WEAKNESS Highlight the strengths and minimize the weakness-but it should be true. REFERENCES References should be professional .

Types of resumes (Formats)..:

Types of resumes (Formats).. Reverse chronological resume Functional resume

Chronological resume.:

Chronological resume . Experience is arranged by date Recent job is described first. Begins with most resent information and working backwards. Helps when you have a strong work history.

Functional resume:

Functional resume Experience is arranged by type of work performed Or by type of skills developed

Electronic resumes :

Electronic resumes A resume stored in an computer data base Helps to manage and initially screen job applicants. The resume is available to a large number of employers. The initial screening is done by a bias free computer.

Online resume:

Online resume Resume’s are submitted online. Resumes are maintained in Microsoft word,html , pdf formats etc. Resumes are submitted through job sites or search engines… Resumes can be submitted in the companies websites

What is a resume?:

34 What is a resume? It should be : brief and to the point. specific to the objective. based on facts. based on your accomplishments. simple and easy to read. It should not be : a long-winded biography. general and vague. based on opinions. based solely upon your past duties. a document that has clip art or pictures on it.

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REFERANCE Foundation of business communication- DONA J YOUNG Business communication essential - COURTLAND BOVEE AND JOHN THILL WWW.WIKIPEDIA.COM

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