Laser technology and its uses

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LASER Originally LASER was an acronym for L ight A mplification by the S timulated E mission of R adiation . Now laser is a word used to identify this type of equipment or the light it produces. 2

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The Electron:

The Electron 4 Applying energy to an electron causes it to jump to a higher orbit.

The Photon:

The Photon 5 When the electron drops back to its original orbit it releases a particle called a photon . Light is made up of photons.

Laser Light Light is very focused Light is made up of one color (wavelength) :

Laser Light Light is very focused Light is made up of one color (wavelength) 6

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Laser Targeting System Aircraft Mounted :

Laser Targeting System Aircraft Mounted 8

Laser Targeting :

Laser Targeting 9 Laser targeting system “paints” target. 2. Laser guided weapon tracks laser spot on target.

Laser Targeting System Ground Based :

Laser Targeting System Ground Based 10

Laser Targeting Countermeasures :

Laser Targeting Countermeasures 11 System detects the targeting laser. Countermeasures include smoke, brighter laser beam, maneuvering, etc.

Laser Cutter:

Laser Cutter 12

Computer Control of Laser Cutter Equipment:

Computer Control of Laser Cutter Equipment 13 No human contact with the part during operation. Computer program can be loaded quickly.

Laser Welding:

Laser Welding 14

Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik):

Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik) 15 1. Tiny flap of outer cornea folded back. 2. Laser removes tissue from remaining cornea to change its shape. 3. Flap of outer cornea then reattached.

Laser Dentistry:

Laser Dentistry 16 Laser Water jet Major advantage is no “drilling sound”. Can’t be used on existing metal fillings.

Laser Bar Code Scanning:

Laser Bar Code Scanning 17 Universal Product Code (UPC) Label

Barcode Scanner:

Barcode Scanner 18

Telescope Calibration Lick Observatory:

Telescope Calibration Lick Observatory 19 The adaptive optics system at the Shane 3 meter telescope utilizes a 20-watt sodium laser to put a false star in the sky. The system uses the star to compensate for atmospheric disturbances, creating sharper, clearer images of the objects observed.

Laser Printer:

Laser Printer 20 Corona Wire Discharge Lamp

Laser Disk Drive:

Laser Disk Drive 21


FIBER OPTIC CABLES 22 Advantages: Very high capacity. Can’t be tapped into. Not affected by electromagnetic (EM) interference. Allows light to travel around corners.

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