Water pollution

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The causes of water pollution, how it should be prevented..


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Water Pollution (Introduction):

Water Pollution (Introduction) water is essential for life. No life would be possible without water All water is not safe to drink In fact, no natural sources of water give us pure water. If we drink impure water we get so many diseases like jaundice, dysentery etc.

Water – its uses:

Water – its uses Drinking Cooking Agriculture Washing Cleaning Generating hydro-electricity. Putting out fire

Causes of water pollution:

Causes of water pollution Water pollution is a serious problem that affects everyone. Over 40% of the rivers and 46% of the lakes are too polluted to swim in. There are many causes of water pollution .

Causes of water pollution:

Causes of water pollution Due to the wastes released from factories Due to pesticides and fungicides(50% cause)


Prevent………… leakage of sewage water


PREVENTION Water pollution can be prevented by increasing public awareness Prevent dumping waste into seas,rivers,oceans and other water resources we should not mix sewage water into rivers


CONCLUSION only 1% of water is potable water so we should use water in a proper way Water is so precious There is no life with out water.



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