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Find Freelance Software Testers Online Hiring a freelance software testing expert isn’t less than a challenge and you’ll realize that expert testers are hiding somewhere or somehow unable to notice your job-post. Know What You Need First of all you need to be mindful of your exact requirements. You need to know the significant attributes of a freelancer software tester. Often it happens that the most of the applicants don’t meet your requirements or they aren’t good enough to take the challenge. And even at the interview stage you’ll find that the shortlisted candidates aren’t actually capable of doing the job well. Following is the checklist to help you out in finding the most suitable freelance software tester:  Does the applicant know what exactly software testing is  Does the applicant possess software testing experience and can she provide proof  Can the candidate work with the testing team  Is the candidate ready for the test design  Does the candidate possess some knowledge of the industry you deal in Freelance testing jobs may differ in requirements because it all depends on the industry company and customized needs. A comprehensive analysis before and during the interview phase is highly significant. You can’t simply rely on the past experience of the applicants. You need to ensure the selection of highly creative imaginative and smart software tester. It requires some extra time but it certainly saves a lot of time. Figuring out the precise requirements and knowing what exactly the company needs will ultimately award you with a reliable software tester. Once you’ve enlisted the requirements it becomes easier to create a comprehensive job description. You can include various questions and ask the candidates to apply with

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a cover letter including answers to your questions. It would save time and give make it easier for you to shortlist the candidates for further consideration.

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