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General: Qualities of Microsoft office 365 Microsoft office 365 is an advanced service for all users it’s a new version of windows. With Office 365 you can receive a business-class email service from Microsoft anytime and anywhere. Large and approx 15 GB mailboxes that can send messages up to 150 MB in size. Built with exchange email technology the leading email solution for business around the world. There are some qualities of Microsoft office 365 1 No Requirement for Advanced IT Knowledge: When you buy online Microsoft office 365 Office then no need for any IT specialist. Because 365 administrations are very simple and it is easy to use it is designed for organizations without IT staff so you can easily set up and use the features helping you focus on your business rather than on learning menus and technical lingo. Perform administrative tasks using an intuitive web-based portal that is accessible only to people you designate. The online portal provides step-by-step instructions on how to add users and set up your account so your employees can quickly start using Office 365. 2 99.9 Financially-Backed Uptime Guarantee: Affluent global provides a service of Microsoft 365.Office 365 is made from the ground up for reliability availability and performance. It is 99.9 financially backed uptime guarantee. 3 Shared calendar and contacts: Users can use calendars to schedule their meetings and can contacts groups users can access a company-wide global address list and another list external contacts tasks conference rooms. 4 Flexibility for Your Business: Microsoft Office 365 is very flexible for your business you get pay-as-you-go pricing options that give you predictability and flexibility for your business. Office 365 also provides to users great flexibility by allowing you to easily use. 5 Professional Face of Your Business: Microsoft office has unique professional services like Office 365 tells potential customers that you’re serious about business. These services are very easy to use. Basically Microsoft office is created by business that’s why Office 365 includes design tools to easily create a professional public- facing website in minutes. Let me know if we can help you get Microsoft Office 365 up and running.

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