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Microsoft Office 365 for Indian Consumers Jan 19th 2017 at 7:08 AM Microsoft Office 365 has gained significant popularity in India. India being the software hub of the world it is also an important market for Microsoft to perform well. Since most large companies or established companies are using original software of Microsoft Office 365 it is now become very essential for small or medium scale businesses to also use Microsoft Office 365 to stay in the competition. Affordable Microsoft Office 365 The affordability of these Microsoft Office 365 variants has made it quite easier for medium and small enterprises. You can now not only buy office 365 in Hyderabad Bangalore or similar IT hub cities of India but the reach has transformed to many or most small towns of India too. Considering the dependence of people in India towards Microsoft office Microsoft can offer its offerings to a large part of India including some rural locations. Reception of Microsoft 365 in India This is a big achievement considering the dispersed demography of a country like India. This has further motivated Microsoft to expand its market to countries like Bangladesh Sri Lanka Pakistan and other developing under-developed nations. There is practically no reason why any business wouldn’t like to buy Office 365 in Hyderabad Mumbai Delhi or Bangalore. In modern cities you would not want businesses to lag because of technology. Flexibility Cost might still be an issue to most of the medium/small scale enterprises in India. Not all the offerings by Microsoft Office 365 are 100 utilized by such enterprises and hence cost can be one barrier to such advanced software. However the various variants available of Microsoft Office 365 can make affordability much better. For instance the basic version of Microsoft Office 365 can be great for the medium scale industries. And the home version can initially satisfy the needs of a small scale or sole proprietor type businesses.

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The premium variant can be used by the large multi-national giants as they have presence in different geographies and need such advancements in their day to day businesses. Considering the smart pricing of the software it has become very irresistible. Support and ease of use You might require training for Tally you might require expensive software for SAP you might require expertise knowledge of IT for various other software but for Microsoft Office 365 you wouldn’t require any of these. This is the primary reason why you can buy office 365 in Hyderabad from any computer store or online with ease without the headache of installation cost and various other issues.

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