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software process models


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What is a s/w? : 

What is a s/w? s/w is 1:An instruction (computer program) or set of instruction that when executed provide desired functionality and performance. 2:A data structure that enable the program to manipulate the information 3:Document that describe the operation and use of program.

Types of s/w : 

Types of s/w Basically there are two types of s/w Generic s/w Customized s/w

Generic s/w : 

Generic s/w These are the stand alone system which are produced by a developed organization and sold in open market to any one who is able to buy them. For example MS Office, Games etc

Customized s/w : 

Customized s/w These are the system which are commissioned by a particular user

Characteristics of s/w : 

Characteristics of s/w s/w is a logical entity it have certain distinguishable Characteristics s/w is engineered or developed it is not manufactured in classical sense s/w doesn't wear out Most of the s/w are custom build rather then being assembled from existing components

Application of s/w : 

Application of s/w

System s/w : 

System s/w A collection of program written to service other program are called system program. For example compiler, driver, etc

Real time s/w : 

Real time s/w Program that control real world event as they occur e.g. Air traffic control system

Embedded s/w : 

Embedded s/w s/w that resides in intelligent product and are used to control these products e.g. key pad control of microwave oven

Business s/w : 

Business s/w Business s/w are written to process business information e.g. payroll or pay bill

Personal computer s/w : 

Personal computer s/w Are written by expert for the non expert to work efficiently

Artificial intelligence s/w : 

Artificial intelligence s/w These are special type of s/w that use non numerical algorithm to solve complex problem for example expert system

Engineering and scientific s/w : 

Engineering and scientific s/w

What is engineering? : 

What is engineering? Any systematic (step by step) approach is known as engineering OR Acting according to a plan

Engineering in general : 

Engineering in general Engineering is the application of theories, tools and method where there is appropriate (used selectively) to discover solution to a problem with the constrain of work organization and finance.

What is s/w engineering? : 

What is s/w engineering? s/w engineering is the establishment and use of sound engineering principle (the principle that are being tested ) and can be used in computer s/w development in order to obtain economically s/w that are reliable (good in quality which give result in all circumstances) and work efficiently

Continued…….. : 

Continued…….. Engineering discipline is concerned with all aspect of s/w production from early stages of system specification through maintaing the system after it has gone into use

What is system? : 

What is system? The word system is derived fro Greek word “systema” which mean an organized relationship among the functional units

system : 

system System is a collection of elements or components that work together to achieve some objective

System engineering : 

System engineering s/w engineering occur as consequence of a process called a system engineering. Before a s/w can be engineered the “system” in which it reside must be understood.

System engineering : 

System engineering In system engineering the overall objective of the system is determined the role of h/w, s/w people database and other system elements are identified operational requirement are elicited analyzed specified modeled validated and managed

What is a s/w process? : 

What is a s/w process? A frame work for the task that are required to build a high quality s/w ORA roadmap that help to create a timely high quality s/w

s/w process model : 

s/w process model To solve an actual problem the s/w developer or team of developer must incorporate development strategy that encompasses the process, this development strategy is termed as s/w process model

s/w process model : 

s/w process model There are a number of s/w process model available that can be grouped in to two broad category Classic s/w development models Evolutionary s/w development models

Classic s/w development models : 

Classic s/w development models Linear sequential model System development life cycle Prototyping model Rapid application development model

Evolutionary s/w development models : 

Evolutionary s/w development models Incremental model Spiral model Win win spiral model

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