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Human Resource Development :

Human Resource Development Presented By:- Saiesh phaldesai

Definition of HRD:

2 Definition of HRD HRD is an organized learning activities arranged in an organization in order to improve the performance and/or the personal growth for the purpose of improving the job, the individual and the organization.

Importance of HR:

3 Importance of HR An organization performance and resulting productivity are directly proportional to the quality and an quantity of its human resources. M otivate employee towards achieving goals of an organization. To critically analyze and make the training program effective as well as productive. To create a good public image of an organization.

Need for HRD:

4 Need for HRD HRD provided the high effective man-power planning. Since, a large no. of persons have to be replaced who have grown old, retired, or become incapacitated because of physical or mental diseases, there is a constant need for replacing these persons, otherwise the work will be suffered and organization will be collapsed. Human resource planning is essential because of frequent labor turnover which is unavailable and even beneficial because it arises from factors which are socially and economically sound such as voluntary units, discharge, marriage, promotions, etc.

Personal training:

5 Personal training Every organization need to have well trained and experienced people to reform the activities that have to be done. If the current job occupants can meet this requirement, training is not important. But, when this is not the case, it is necessary to raise the skill levels of the employee .

Need for basic purpose of training:

6 Need for basic purpose of training To improve quality. To increase productivity. To improve organizations/ eliminate. To improve health and safety Personal growth. To help a company to fulfill; its future personal needs.

Various type of training program:

7 Various type of training program Discover or identify the need for training Getting ready for the job Presentation of operation and knowledge Performances try out Follow up of evaluation of programs

Method use to train employed:

8 Method use to train employed On the job training:- Majority of the industrial programme are on the job training because it is directly related to the productivity. It is referred to the methods that are applied at workshop while the employee is working. Off the job training:- It is commonly used for the new employee. It is referred to the methods that are applied away from the workplaces like lecturer, films, audio cassettes, videotapes, case study, conferences and discussions.

Job specification:

9 Job specification The job specification takes the job description and answers the question “ what kind of human trait and experience are need to do the job well?”. It tells that what kind of person to recruit and for what qualities that person should be tested. Job specification translates the job description into terms of human qualification which is required for a successful performance of a job. Job specification are developed with the co-operation of the personnel dept. and various supervisions the whole organization.

PowerPoint Presentation:

10 These specification relates: Physical characteristics:- It include health, strength, age-range, body size, height, weight, vision, voice, eye, hand and foot co-ordination. Psychological characteristics:- It includes mechanical aptitude, judgment, resourcefulness, analytical ability, mental concentration, alertness. Personal characteristics:- Personal appearance, good and pleasing manners, emotional factors, aggressiveness, leadership, co- operativeness , skill and dealing with others, unusual sensory qualities of sight, smell, hearing, adaptability, conversation ability, etc.

PowerPoint Presentation:

11 Responsibilities:- Includes responsibility for production process and equipments, responsibility for generating confidence and trust, responsibility for others safety, responsibility for preventing monetary loss. Other features of demographic nature are: age, sex, education, experience, language, ability.

Job managament and Enrichment:

12 Job managament and Enrichment Job enlargement is the improvement, magnification, amplification and bulge out the employees that means it is the programmed involved with the personnel can enhance their job profile by adapting more responsibility and accountability. Job enlargement involves performing of variety of jobs or operation at the same time. It is mainly intended to enlarge the job sessions but, the basic nature of the job remains same. Therefore, it has limited role in motivating employees.

Blue and White collar job:

13 Blue and White collar job Blue collar jobs:- Refer to those personnel who work on the floor i.e. who perform the work with machinery and who are physically involved in the operation. It doesn’t require a higher skill and abilities rather it required the physical attention of the person on the operations.

White collar jobs:- :

14 White collar jobs:- Refer to a kind of profession in which a person required to sit on a seat of the higher authority and have the right to authenticate the operation. These persons are mainly involved in the mental operation i.e. they used their conscious mind and reorganization to perform the task, they make the operation authentic by a signature and seals.

Labour welfare:

15 Labour welfare Labour welfare can be defined as creation of minimum required standard of the provision of facilities like health, food, clothing, housing, medical assistance, insurance, job security, recreation etc. Each and every firm should think about the welfare of their employees and try to develop the community working with them. For that reason the company should have the welfare committee to look after. This committee will have the meeting and resolve about the welfare of employee.

Approches to welfare:

16 Approches to welfare To open schools for community working with firm. To open hospital within. To open different type of entertainment center. To operate the charity fund. To provide good salaries and promotions To provide life coverage. To provide facility regarding transportation.

Labour welfare under factories act 1948:

Labour welfare under factories act 1948 Washing Facilities Facilities for storing and drying clothing Facilities for sitting First aid appliance Canteens Shelters, rest rooms and lunch rooms Welfare officers 17


Reference:- G. Vidya sagar, Pharmaceutical industrial management, Pharma book sydicate 2005. 18

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