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6 weeks Training in Doordarshan JalandharPresented by:- Rahul AroraPrashant Paul Vishal ChopraVikas Anand : 

6 weeks Training in Doordarshan JalandharPresented by:- Rahul AroraPrashant Paul Vishal ChopraVikas Anand



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Doordarshan kendra serving an individual organization which plays an important role in TVs cinema It provides free to air channels DD-1,DD-NEWS and many more It originates the programmes and telecast on the channel The inauguration of transmitter at jalandhar was done on april 27,1975 by Sh I.K Gujaral union minister of information and broadcasting Another channel is telecasted by the doordarshan in punjabi is DD-Punjabi First studio in Punjab was made at jalandhar




STUDIOS Television signals for broadcasting are originated by cameras ,recorded at the studios and replayed by video tape recorders, mixed in studio vision mixers and finally distributed for transmission. Action In this includes staging, lightening, performance by artists .

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There are three different studios :- Studio A Studio B Studio C Studio A is largest studio in comparison to B & C used for main recordings (like for the program me “LISHKARA” and “STAR NIGHT”) Studio B is used for the live programme like discussions, news & sajjari sawer.

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Studio C is the last studio. It is used ocassionly. Studios are acoustic treated to provide good quality of sound. Very efficient air conditioning is required for the heat dissipation by the studio lights. There is three setup of cameras in the studio A. Studio warning lights and safety devices like fire alarm system and fire fighting equipments.

CAR : 

CAR This stands for central apparatus room. Car is basically a channel or path through which the video signal pass. All studio has its own CCU ie. camera control unit. PCR ie panel control room The no. or model of video consol is PDS 9000.

ENG : 

ENG Eng stands for electronic news gathering. The purpose of eng is to gather news from different outside locations. Cameras used in eng section are small and light weight. These cameras are called camcoders.

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The cameras used in ENG have three sections :- A camera lens and optics:- to form optical image A transducer or pick up device:- to convert optical image into electrical signal. Electronics:- to process the output of transducer.

Video Tape recorders : 

Video Tape recorders VTR room is provided at each studio center. It houses at least two console type 1”videotape recorders (VTRs) and a few Broadcast standard Videocassette recorders (VCRs). In these recorders, sound and video signals are recorded simultaneously on the same tape.

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These are the VTR used to see the previews. Control panel is below them from where all the control are managed

Computer Section : 

Computer Section It is basically related to editing. There are two types of editings. Linear editing. Non linear editing. Softwares used in non linear editing. For news editing Velocity 6.0 is used. For graphics MOV CG 2003 n Adobe photoshop. For programme editing velocity 8.0 and FCP (final cut pro)

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Leatch server used in graphics section. It can record the programmes upto 24 hrs and more. With this leatch server we can play and record the programmes simultaneously. It consists of 3 recorders and players. Video logger is also used. Its can record the programmes upto 3 months. It is for making a backup any pro.

Non linear editing : 

Non linear editing Problem with Linear Editing Editing is sequential – first shot first Long hours spent on rewinding of tapes , search of material Potential risk of damage to original footage Difficult to insert a new shot in an edit Difficult to experiment with Variations Quality loss more in analog; even with digital Limited Compositing, effects, color correction Capability

What is NLE : 

What is NLE NLE is video editing in digital format with standard computer based technology Computer technology is harnessed in Random access, computational and manipulation capability, multiple copies, intelligent search, sophisticated project and media management tools, standard interfaces, and powerful display


OB-VAN It is known as outdoor broadcasting van and used for outer coverage. Events like sports, functions are covered by this van. It consists of 8 cameras and 3 external sources and 4 VTR. LSM:- LIVE SLOW MOTIN MACHINE. It is used to play the replays in slow motion. There are also pc racks, mixers vtr racks.


DSNG This is known as direct satellite news gathering. It works simultaneously with OB van. Its also called as mobile earth station. The dish can be aligned acc to the requirement. Monitors are available in this van to check the telecast. High power ups are also available in this van.


EARTH STATION It is the major section. Epuipment operates in frequency range of 5.85Ghz to 6.42Ghz for transmit. And for receiving 3.625Ghz to 4.2Ghz. The antenna consists of lna, antenna control unit, reciever, up convertor system, high power amplifier.

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Transmission system carries digital base band system signals from studio to earth station site to minimize the noise interface. The base band system is monitered and control through a base band NMS PC. It also comprises of digital multiplexers and digital modulators. The compression segment comprises of MPEG encoders for providing redundancy.

Features of ES : 

Features of ES A fiber optics connectivity to two SDI video and two AES audio signals. System configured in mcpc(2+1) MODE. Base band processing fully digital inc I/P video and audio signal Digital encodeing sys complaint to MPEG. Single point remote monitoring for video and audio.

System layout : 

System layout There are different racks in DD. These the racks used to have a smooth flow of signals. Like video, audio RF and control so as to cabling length b/w the racks. A fiber optics link of 200mts with NMS control cable for base band is provided b/w the studio and earth station.

Video chain of OB VAN : 

Video chain of OB VAN Output from the switcher goes to stabilizing amplifier via PP and VDAs. Output from the stab. Is further distributed to various destinations. It may be noted that the use of VDAs helps to monitor the video signal at different locations and the use of PP is very helpful for emergency arrangements during breakdowns and trouble shooting. A separate monitoring bus is provided in CCU, LCU and END CONTROL with sources as. END CONTROL also has a remote for the adjustment of levels etc. in the STAB AMP unit. R out for the other sources is similar to this and can be understood from the block schematic.

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