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Overview of Capital Market : 

UNIT-II, Lecture- 1 2 Overview of Capital Market Introduction Capital market is a wide term used to comprise all operations in the new issues and stock market. New issues made by the companies constitute the primary market, while trading in the existing securities relates to the secondary market.

Overview of Capital Market : 

UNIT-II, Lecture- 1 3 Overview of Capital Market Structure Market for Corporate Securities Market for Government Securities Market for Debt instruments Mutual fund schemes

Overview of Capital Market : 

UNIT-II, Lecture- 1 4 Overview of Capital Market Players Merchant bankers Registrars Collecting and coordinating bankers Underwriters and brokers Lead managers Book runners Regulators Stock Exchanges Listed Securities Depositories and DPs FIIs and MFs Custodians

Overview of Capital Market : 

UNIT-II, Lecture- 1 5 Overview of Capital Market Stock Market Intermediaries Commission broker Floor broker Taraniwala - Jobber Dealer in non-cleared securities Odd-lot Dealer Budliwalas Security dealer

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UNIT-II, Lecture- 1 6 THANK YOU

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