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Financial Management : 

UNIT-I, Lecture-1 2 Financial Management Objectives / Goals Basic Objectives Maintenance of Liquid Assets Profit Maximization Wealth Maximization Other Objectives Fair Return to Shareholders Creating reserves Operational Efficiency Financial discipline

Financial Management : 

UNIT-I, Lecture-1 3 Financial Management Scope / Approaches to Finance Function Traditional Approach Raising and administering of funds Maintaining legal and A/c relationship Modern Approach Funds Requirement Decision – Captzn Financing Decision – Capital Structure Investment Decision – CB & WCM Dividend Decision – Dividend Policy

Financial Management : 

UNIT-I, Lecture-1 4 Financial Management Finance Functions Aims Acquiring Sufficient Funds Proper Utilization of Funds Increasing Profitability Maximizing Firm’s Value

Financial Management : 

UNIT-I, Lecture-1 5 Financial Management Finance Functions Scope or Content Estimating financial requirements Deciding capital Structure Selecting a Source of Finance Selecting a Pattern of Investment Proper Cash Management Implementing Financial Controls Proper use of Surpluses

Financial Management : 

UNIT-I, Lecture-1 6 Financial Management Functional Areas of FM Determining financial needs Selecting a sources of funds Financial analysis and interpretation CVP analysis Capital Budgeting WCM Profit planning and Control Dividend Policy

Financial Management : 

UNIT-I, Lecture-1 7 Financial Management Role of Finance Manager Financial Forecasting and Planning Acquisition of Funds Investment of Funds Helping in Valuation decisions Maintaining Proper Liquidity Treasury operations Investor Communication Management Control

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UNIT-I, Lecture-1 8 THANK YOU

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