Marrakech Tours to Sahara Desert a Voyage of Discovery


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You could backpack your way to various places like Marrakech, Ouarzazate, the Atlas Mountains, small kasbahs and oasis and then walk the dunes in the ergs. You can explore the Dades Gorge, Dra’a Valley and the Rose Valley on your own. View more at


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Morocco is a land of mystery and discovery of a vastly different landscape as well as culture. Pack your bags and set off for a tour of the Sahara. It is another world. Join A Tour: You could backpack your way to various places like Marrakech Ouarzazate the Atlas Mountains small kasbahs and oasis and then walk the dunes in the ergs. You can explore the Dades Gorge Dra’a Valley and the Rose Valley on your own. Backpacking is fine for those who have the time and inclination. However if you want a distilled essence of what is quintessentially Moroccan or Saharan in flavor then there is nothing like a tour with experienced operators of Marrakech tours to Sahara desert. You do have options in terms of places to visit and duration of tours.

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Sahara Taster 2 Days: For those who are time constrained or simply want a “taster” there is nothing like a two day Sahara desert tour that starts from Ouarzazate. Fly into Ouarzazate and join the Sahara desert tour that takes you through the variegated landscape of the Dra’a Valley M’hamid where the Sahara starts and then to Erg Chebbi where you can go camel trekking and spend a night in the desert under the twinkling stars. This two day tour could well be the precursor to an extended four day Sahara tour that gives a rather more immersive experience. Four Day Voyage Of Discovery Sahara Tour From The Desert To The Ocean: One of the best Sahara tours you can join is the one that takes you for the sea of sand which is the Sahara to the Atlantic Ocean. The finest tour is of course organized by people who have served as guides and know the Sahara like the back of their hand. Apart from knowing which places to visit and how to get from one point to another there is the matter of experience at each place. You get to visit kasbahs or tiny hamlets and acquaint yourself with local tribal lifestyles as well as food. You get to live in a tent on the dunes and ride camels. You watch nomad guides set up encampments and cook and you sleep under starry skies of Sahara. Each day is chock-full of delightful experiences starting at Ouarzazate with a drive through the historic and picturesque Dra’a Valley. The Valley is home to many civilizations that have left their traces here for you to see and admire. The view is just as enchanting. A jeep and your guide take you on the caravan route with a running commentary on places and history. Arrive at Erg Lihoudi set up camp and go trekking on a camel the rolling ship of the desert. From the Erg to Taroudant close to the coast of the Atlantic is a voyage of discovery across landscapes dotted with oases dunes and tiny hamlets. If you prize saffron then the stop at Talioune gives you a chance to get fragrant saffron at a low price. Taroudant is known as little Marrakech a tiny and picturesque town you will love for its history and its Souk. The last stop is Essaouira on the Atlantic coast. The town’s roots lie buried in antiquity as can be seen in the various buildings and

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landmarks and you learn all about it from your knowledgeable guide. There is a story to the city walls the ramparts the Genoese citadel the Dutch Cannon and the Harbour Scala. Sahara tour if done with the right operator can be an eye opener. You bring away precious memories of another world. Address: Batimont Lhaj Mohamed Ou Hassi Partomont 1 City: Tabounte Tarmigte State: Ouarzazate Country: Morocco Zip code: 45000 Phone: +212 630524036 Email ID: Website: Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook:

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