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Define PLC, Programming Languages and In Course Covered Topics at Sage Automation, Available Certified Courses for Diploma and Engineering Students, Excellent Training, and Placement Institute in Thane. For more details please visit us at http://www.gotosage.in/ or contact us +91 7028203078.


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PLC * Programmable Logic Controller:

PLC * Programmable Logic Controller www.gotosage.in

What is plc:

What is plc Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a digital computer used for the automation of various electro-mechanical processes in industries. These controllers are specially designed to survive in harsh situations and shielded from heat, cold, dust, and moisture etc. PLC consists of a microprocessor which is programmed using the computer language . www.gotosage.in


PLC PLCs are the main heart of the automation system. PLC is the controller used to control the plant/process/system/machine. This program starts from basics of definitions to development of projects, while implementing the same on our award winning TTIM platforms. The course is focused on learning of PLC technology right from basic fundaments of PLC to complex programming concepts. www.gotosage.in

PLC Covered courses :

PLC Covered courses The Most premium and commonly used brands of PLCs are covered in the course Allen Bradley (AB), Siemens Delta Mitsubishi Toshiba Schneider etc . PLC Learning is designed with a 90% practical:10 % theory ratio hence making understanding easy and better. www.gotosage.in

Topic covered :

Topic covered The participants get a complete understanding on: The basic concepts of a PLC and its block diagram Interfacing of the actuators and sensors with the PLC PLC scan - how a PLC actually executes a logic Different PLC architectures ( standlone , DCS, PLC to PLC/ 3rd party device communication, Redundant systems, etc..) Networking(RS232, RS485/422, Ethernet, etc) of PLCs and Protocols( DF1, Control net, Device net, Profibus , Profinet , CAN, etc...) IEC 61131 programming languages for PLC - Ladder, STL, IL, SFC and FBDs www.gotosage.in

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Thank you…!!! "9 Mansi " Complex,Ram Maruti Road,Naupada,Thane . Contact: + 91 7756911229  www.gotosage.in

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