Fight against the Childhood Obesity with Weight Loss Clinic in Kolkata

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Fight Childhood Obesity with an advance medical care at weight loss clinic in Kolkata. Its offers comprehensive program to overcome obesity.


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Fight Childhood Obesity with Weight Loss Clinic in Kolkata


What is Childhood Obesity?


Childhood Obesity is a term used for children who are suffering from Obesity. The BMI of such children is usually above 30 and children are at a risk of developing issues such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and heart-related diseases with time.


In India, Childhood Obesity has been an undiscussed problem as parents believe that their child will become leaner as they grow up. But, the same is not true always.


Did you know? The rate of Childhood Obesity has TRIPLED in the past 30 years!


Treatment of Childhood Obesity


Luckily there is a solution for Childhood Obesity. Weight Loss Clinics in Kolkata, like ILS Bariatric Care, offer a comprehensive program to overcome Obesity.


With the aid of experienced weight loss consultants and advanced medical care, there are more than 50, 000 solved cases of Childhood Obesity.


Give your child a new life with the aid of Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, a painless and scarless process of undergoing weight loss surgery with minimum stay period in the hospital.


To know more, get in touch with us Phone Number : 033 4020 6500 Website  : Address: DD-6, (Near City Centre) Salt Lake City,  Kolkata- 700 064

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