Transform life with Obesity Surgery in India

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Obesity Surgery in India is one of the most effective treatment that helps you to get rid of that extra flab lying under your skin.


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Transforming life with Obesity Surgery in India:

Transforming life with Obesity Surgery in India


Today Obesity Surgery has become one of the most trusted ways to fight problems related to overweight.


India ranks 3 rd in the list of most obese nation after the US and China.


However, in the past few years, Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery has catered the needs of the patients.


The process of Obesity Surgery in India precise and accurate. A patient has to maintain a healthy diet and keep himself physically fit to undergo the procedure.


Once the conditions are ideal, the surgeon arranges for a Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery where small incision are made in the patient’s body and the whole operation is executed with the aid of a camera.


The surgery takes place within a matter of hours and is painless. A patient will experience no discomfort during the whole procedure.


Within a matter of 48 to 72 hours, a patient can be considered for discharge from the hospital.


It usually takes upto 7 days for a patient to make a good recovery and thereafter, the patient can indulge himself in routine activities such as attending office, travelling, etc.


Obesity Surgery in India has become one of the most widely recognized means to lose weight rapidly and safely.


Where to find a good Obesity Surgery Doctor?


ILS Hospitals Salt Lake DD-6, Salt Lake City (Near City Centre), Kolkata - 700064 Dum Dum 1, Mall Road, Near Nager Bazar Flyover, Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700080 Agartala Capital Complex Extension P.O - New Secretariat, Agartala - 799010


For queries 0381 241 5000 033 4031 5000 033 4020 6500 Dum Dum Salt Lake Agartala

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