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As obesity has affected people of almost every family, it is imperative to have a clear knowledge about this health problem. Know all the important things about obesity here.


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Obesity : Facts and Know and Foods to Choose


Introduction Obesity has been in the spotlight since 1991. In last two decades, millions of people have suffered the problems of obesity. As a matter of fact, 30 % of America’s total population experience the symptoms and effects of obesity.

Did You Know?:

Did You Know? Obesity is the second-leading cause of preventable deaths in the world. Only Smoking is ahead of obesity in preventable deaths ranking . Presently, the number of people suffering from obesity is higher than the ones suffering from hunger .

Problems Associated with Obesity:

Problems Associated with Obesity Eating Disorders Type II Diabetes Joint Pain Sleep Apnea Respiratory Disorders Liver Problems

Common Causes of Obesity:

Common Causes of Obesity Lack of Physical Activities Wrong Food Choices Eating Habits of the Family Genetic Problems

Foods You Should Eat More Often:

Foods You Should Eat More Often Green Vegetables Fresh Fruits Brown Breads Grains like Rice

Foods You should Eat in Moderate Amount:

Foods You should Eat in Moderate Amount Chicken Lean Meat Dairy Products Nuts Fish

Foods You Must Avoid:

Foods You Must Avoid Sweets Junk Foods Chips Ice Cream Chocolates Oily dishes

The Surgical Solution:

The Surgical Solution In recent years, several surgeries have been developed that helps you get rid of obesity. Laparoscopic surgery is the latest procedure that helps you get in shape in a painless, scar-less and minimally invasive manner.


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