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Bariatric care in India involves a proper evaluation before surgery. Here are the important things that every doctor evaluate before obesity surgery.


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Evaluating Health before Obesity Surgery in India:

Presented by ILS Bariatric Care Evaluating Health before Obesity Surgery in India


Obesity surgery is a life-changing surgery for every obese. When a person plans to undergo this bariatric care in India, several factors of her body is taken into consideration. Evaluation is an important part of the procedure because the surgery deals with the consumption limit and nutrition absorption percentage of a patient.


When a person opts for obesity surgery in India, the surgeon evaluates several things in a patient. He takes the assistance of other health professionals such as a dietician and a psychologist to execute the evaluation procedure. In order to check whether or not a patient’s health condition is suitable for bariatric care in India, the following evaluations are done.

Medical Stability::

Before performing an obesity surgery in India, it is important to determine whether a patient’s body is medically stable. Precisely, surgery is not recommended when a person has health problems that may get worse due to a surgery. Apart from this, your alcohol consumption limit and smoking habits are monitored. Medical Stability :

Weight History::

Health experts analyze a patient’s trend of weight fluctuations, diet habits and exercise schedules. Obese who have low-calorie diet-consumption habit and spend a couple of hours exercising are preferably more eligible for surgery than people who don’t put any efforts. Weight History :

Psychological Status::

Doctors prefer treating psychological conditions before performing an obesity surgery in India. If a patient has psychological problems like binge-eating disorder or a childhood sexual abuse issue, it should be treated before the surgery to ensure proper recovery and healthier future. Psychological Status :


Although gastric bypass doesn’t demand a patient to belong to a specific age group, surgeons recommend patients to get the surgery done before they grow too old. This is because the risk factor increases with the increase in age. When it comes to minimum age limit, weight reduction surgery consultants suggest not to opt for the surgery before reaching 18 years of age. Age :


Every weight loss surgeon discusses the evaluation results with a patient to decide whether or not the surgery should be performed. It is recommended that an obese must try to satisfy all the conditions for proper bariatric care in India.


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