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Presentation Description - SafetTech Hardware offers Heavy Duty Gate Hinges. Our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges are most reliable and durable Gate Hinges which easy to install.


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Enjoy your pool with our gate hardware solutions:

Enjoy your pool with our gate hardware solutions

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We love spending time in swimming pools along with our family and kids. Kids particularly love being near water and love to play in and around the swimming pool. Yet shockingly many small kids aged one to four die due to drowning in pools due to no supervision.

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According to the United states Centers for Disease Control most of these deaths happen inside the safe confines of the child’s home. Public pools are mostly supervised stringently and therefore meet the requirements of pool safety. Private pools are where these tragic events happen more often. It is obvious that pool gate hardware is a matter of serious concern.

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This is where we come into the picture. We work dedicatedly to create, develop, test and implement revolutionary gate and fence hardware which serve all the requirements that are required for pool fencing to avert such tragic incidents. We have taken this responsibility on our shoulders to help create a safe pool experience for each and every pool owner with the help of our ultra-modern pool gate locks, self closing gate hinges and pool gate latches.

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We want that spending time in a swimming pool to be a comfortable and happy experience without any fear of tragedy. Our pool safety fencing solutions are particularly focused on the homes where the tragic shortcomings are. According to the United states Centers for Disease Control most of the deaths occur inside the kids' own swimming pools. So, we know where the problem lies, at the home owner, and that is why we focus our attention on homes the most.

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We develop pool safety solutions that are comfortable, convenient, safe and secure. Generally children should be supervised by adults who know CPR and are good swimmers. What we do is to come up with pool gate hardware solutions with our highly skilled and qualified engineers so that you can enjoy your pool with maximum safety without the slightest worry.

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