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Are you looking for veterinary job at Veterinary Care Center, League City, TX? We are hiring bright, energetic, people-oriented Veterinarians who love to teach their knowledge to join our staff. The word Safari literally means “journey” and employment at Safari starts an exciting career path towards a destination of veterinary wisdom. Along the path, you experience a new way of practice where your knowledge is magnified and your effectiveness as a practitioner is supported by a delivery system focused on practicing veterinary medicine the way it should be in its highest form. To know more about career path at Safari Vet, visit: http://www.safarivet.com/careers/ or call us at 281-332-5612.


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We are Hiring Veterinarians Safari Veterinary Care Centers in League City TX

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Safari Standards At Safari we start with a set of written Safari Standards that serve as the guide book on the path to a team-based delivery system. These Standards serve as the guide posts or “rules of the game” describing the level of care and expectations of all team members as they work together to serve the needs of the client and the pet. These guidelines include Standards of Care Communication Service Appearance Conduct and Ethics. Written Standards ensure that all team members understand their role in supporting the veterinarian in the delivery of medicine and surgery to the pet while ensuring the client’s needs are met as well.

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Safari WorkFlow The next step along the path of the Safari system is the utilization of the Safari Workflow. Workflow means how the pet and pet owner are shepherded through the system so that all their needs are met all their questions answered and their expectations exceeded. This workflow begins with the first phone or web-based contact with Safari and extends to how the Safari Standards are utilized by the reception staff to greet and educate the client about the services our veterinarians provide and their loved ones need. Within this workflow the veterinarian’s role is to do only the things that a veterinarian can do......... Visit more at http://www.safarivet.com/careers-at-safari/

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Veterinarians Purpose The veterinarian may come to realize early in this “Journey” that the purpose of the veterinarian is to share knowledge. Knowledge sharing is educating the client educating the staff and communicating the recommendations for the care of the pet in the most effective manner. Safari utilizes a proprietary database of veterinary knowledge in a software developed by Dr. Garner called VetPlan. VetPlan creates a written record of the veterinarian’s findings for the purpose of the medical record. VetPlan creates a “client friendly” version of this record for the client.

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Knowledge Sharing At Safari however we realize that the real purpose of your veterinary knowledge is to share it. Knowledge Sharing is the primary purpose of all veterinarians — even though they may not know it. We know that the more knowledgeable the client the more likely he or she is to take proper care of their pet. Also the more you are trusted and your opinion is respected the better your relationship with your client. Your principle purpose at Safari therefore is building client relationships through this knowledge sharing. Understanding this purpose enables you to appreciate your membership in the most rewarding profession on Earth — being a veterinarian.

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Team Motivation The Safari Team is huge compared to most veterinary practices. We have several technicians per veterinarian and several assistants serving the technicians as well as boarding staff grooming staff reception staff rehabilitation staff and even cell technology staff. Team motivation is key to keeping everyone on the same page and focused on the needs of the client and pet. Team motivation comes from the culture and the culture has five dimensions: Beauty Knowledge Values Wealth and Power. These cultural dimensions are expressed within the language used and information shared by those in charge. At Safari we provide team motivation and express our culture through weekly meetings that are attended by the entire Safari Team.

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Wellness Counts Safari practices proactive veterinary medicine through wellness protocols. These wellness protocols called the HealthMap are focused on the following four aspects of the pet’s wellness care: Examinations and Immunizations Preventions Diagnostics Quality of Life Our software VetPlan creates customized wellness plans for each of our pets. Safari receptionists as well as the rest of the Safari Team are trained on how to communicate the benefits of these plans.

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Diagnose First Diagnose Before You Treat — Tired of trial and error medicine At Safari we target the illness with the proper diagnostics before we start specific treatment. Touch Before You Teach — At Safari we understand the client wants to know we care before they care to hear what we know. We will touch the pet and communicate with the client our heartfelt care and consideration before we offer our recommendations. Teach Before You Reach — At Safari we believe that “He who has the smartest client” “WINS” We love to teach about the care we give before we reach for medications. We understand there are always alternatives and involving the client in the care decisions serves the client and the pet best.

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Advanced Medicine Dr. Garner is board certified and has been since 1992 and as a result has been practicing a higher level of medicine on small animals and exotics for the past 25 years. The ‘Diagnose First’ paradigm creates the need for high level therapeutics. These therapeutics include intensive care titration of cardiac care medications oxygen therapy via intranasal catheterization nebulization constant rate infusions chemotherapy and compounding of therapies for birds and exotic animals. Advanced medicine requires advanced team-based monitoring and maintenance of intravenous and urinary catheters feeding tubes for reptiles and crop feeding of the avian species.

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Rehabilitation Therapy The success or failure of many orthopedic and neurologic procedures depends on the aftercare and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is essential for neurologic damage and optimization of stem cell therapy. Dr. Garner has been through the University of Tennessee CCRP course in Rehabilitative Therapy and our rehabilitation technicians are known worldwide for their expertise and care of pets. Our rehabilitation technicians at Safari select from a wide range of equipment to match the needs of the pet with the best physiotherapy regime. Starter exercises include balance pads and wobble boards while more advanced exercises involve balancing with 1 to 4 paws on a donut or peanut.

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Advanced Surgery Not every veterinarian is interested in surgery but this is not the case with Dr. Garner. If you are interested in surgery and want a surgical mentor then Safari is perfect for you. Orthopedic surgeries requiring plates screws and pins are standard. For cruciate ligament ruptures we recommend the TTA or Tight Rope techniques. We also have a C–Arm fluoroscopic imaging device for closed placement of pins or realignment of fractures. Neurologic procedures require advanced imaging and Dr. Garner uses a human MRI with his own settings. Myelograms are common when MRI is not feasible. The C–Arm is useful for placement of stem cells into joints or into intervertebral discs or when intrathecal injections are required.

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Advanced Diagnotics Safari’s mantra of ‘diagnose before you treat’ requires advanced on-site diagnostic capabilities. These tests give us a “Window into the pet’s body” and include: advanced digital radiography digital dental radiographs ultrasound echocardiography with color-flow doppler Magnetic Resonance Imaging myelography endoscopy bronchoscopy arthroscopy avian laparoscopy full in-house chemistry complete blood count fluid analysis by flow cytometry and C–Arm Fluoroscopy for motion studies of the esophagus and larynx.

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Stem Cell Therapy Safari has a complete state-of-the-art stem cell laboratory. This is far beyond the centrifuge and enzyme system that many who do “stem cell therapy” in the veterinary profession utilize. Safari has all requirements for a complete stem cell laboratory. These requirements are: Stem cell therapy requires the ability to collect tissues and process them in a sterile environment for administration or culture. This process requires a biologic safety cabinet with laminar flow and ultraviolet sterilization. Cell processing and culture requires incubators that can increase the CO2 and decrease the Oxygen tension so that the stem cells are grown in the optimal conditions.

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Self Acutalization At Safari we hope to help develop you as a person as well as a veterinarian. We hope to show you a new way of practice that focuses on the dissemination of knowledge and to build upon the motivational emotional wealth that drives all veterinarians. We hope to teach you not only the disciplines of diagnostics medicine surgery and exotics but also educate you in the motivation and utilization of team members to magnify your effectiveness as a veterinarian. The metaphor of the tree is utilized to show that a strong practitioner has deep roots in the disciplines that support and hold up the boughs of the tree. These disciplines are important and need to drive deep to survive requiring nurturing for constant growth and development.

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Exotic Medicine Surgery As a veterinarian at Safari it is not required of you to treat exotics however we do see a large number of these pets. Dr. Garner has been one of the only board certified exotic vets serving the greater Houston- Galveston area for 35 years hence Safari has a reputation to be “the place to go” for sick exotic animals. Dr. Garner has a special interest in exotic animals birds and promoted this avenue of practice to differentiate Safari from the rest of the pack. Safari believes in a proactive approach to wellness and preventative care with the utmost concern for the humane treatment to all species. We do not turn away from any challenge where we can make a difference we embrace wildlife exotic animals and even insects with the understanding that our mission is to promote life wherever we find it.

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Contact Today to Join SafariVet Address: 2402 Marina Bay Drive Suite A-D League City TX 77573 Website: www.safarivet.com Phone No: 281-332-5612 Email-ID: frontdesksafarivet.com

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