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At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City TX, we offer a variety of services to care for your pet. If you have any questions or would like to know more information on how we can care for your pet, please visit our center today or call us on 281-332-5612.


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Animal Wellness Center League City TX



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ABOUT SAFARI VET Safari Veterinary Care Centers is your one stop destination for all your pet’s needs from Health Map wellness plans to advanced diagnostic medicine, orthopedic surgery, exotic medicine and surgery, Full Service Grooming, Hill’s Science Diet pet foods, Camp Safari boarding kennel and Doggy Daycare, and 24 Hour Emergency Medical Service for active patients.

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Wellness & Preventive Care Advanced Imaging Orthopedic Surgery Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Exotic Medicine & Surgery Grooming Rehabilitation Camp Safari Boarding Kennel

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Wellness & Preventive Care The goal of pet wellness care at Safari Veterinary Care Centers is to prevent illness and provide a choices in caring for your pet. Pet wellness and preventive care League City involves  comprehensive exams, vaccines, internal and external parasite control, and proper nutrition. In order to accommodate the needs of our clients, we offer Several Different wellness care options. For more information and pricing, please visit our center today or web: .

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Advanced Imaging At Safari Veterinary Care Centers, We offer a variety of advanced imaging technique to diagnose your pet's condition. We are dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of advanced imaging are accessible to clients and their pets that improves the care of your pet and allow treatment to begin more rapidly. If you want to Learn more about safari pet advanced imaging League City techniques, Feel free to contact us on 281-332-5612 . Or you can mail us on .

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Orthopedic Surgery Safari Veterinary Care Centers is honored to provide advanced veterinary orthopedic surgical services. Pet orthopedics at Safari focus on diagnosis and repair the bones, joints, and ligaments. Orthopedic problems can occur from a trauma or disease. Our Safari staff is highly skilled in performing veterinary orthopedic surgeries. For more Information about Vet Orthopedic Surgery Texas , call us on 281-332-5612 . Or you can mail us on .

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Exotic Medicine & Surgery At Safari, We offer specialized veterinary surgical and medical srvices for exotic pets like ferrets, rabbits, rats, chinchillas, pot bellied pigs, reptiles and more. Safari Veterinary Care Centers provides information on the nutritional needs of exotic pets . we can also help you prevent many diseases related to improper nutrition. If you want more information on medical services of Vet Exotic Medicine Texas , feel free to contact us on 281-332-5612 .

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Camp Safari Boarding Kennel Camp Safari Boarding Kennel is a temperature controlled indoor kennel with outdoor runs. Safari has state of the art air circulation and cleaning facilities designed to reduce stress and disease in boarded pets. Every pet has a padded pet bed elevated off the floor for comfort and hygiene. If you need to know more information on League City boarding kennel , Visit our center today or call us on 281-332-5612 . Or you can mail us on .

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Grooming Services Groom Styling is the use of shears to shape and style the hair in a smooth even cut so that every hair appears to have its place. At Safari we pride ourselves in the ability to sculpt a beautiful pet, one that matches the breed standard. When your pet has skin disease, our groomers will work with the Safari veterinary staff to make medical recommendations for your pet. For more information, Visit our Veterinary Grooming League City , or contact us on 281-332-5612 .

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Stem Cell Therapy Regenerative medicine strives to use the body’s own healing mechanisms to rebuild damaged or missing tissues. When tissue is damaged there is release of chemicals that signal the repair process. This repair process signaling has the purpose of attracting healing cells to the area of injury. For more information on dog stem cell therapy Texas , Please Visit our center in League City, Texas. Or contact us on 281-332-5612 . Or you Can mail us on .

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Rehabilitation Rehabilitation at Safari is different than many other pet rehabilitation facilities. At Safari we have “fear free rehabilitation” this means that we do not force your pet to perform exercises. When you force a pet, you cause emotional harm and fear. We teach the pet with rewards how to use our Vet Rehabilitation In Texas to properly exercise. Visit our Center today or Call us on 281-332-5612 . Or you Can mail us on .

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Dr . Garner is one of a very small group of doctors who have earned the title Specialist from the ABVP. In fact, Dr. Garner is one of 900 ABVP Specialists in the United States and abroad . At Safari we believe that the best way to care for your pets is to get a diagnosis and then offer a range of treatment options based on fact. About Dr.Garner

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Address: 2402 Marina Bay Drive Suite A-D League City, TX 77573 Contact No: 281-332-5612 Email-ID: Website:

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