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INTRODUCTION The concept of workers’ participation in management is considered as mechanism where workers have a say in the decision- making process of an enterprise. The word ‘participation’ means sharing the decision-making power with the lower ranks of the organization in an appropriate manner.


OBJECTIVES OF W.P.M To satisfy the workers’ social and esteem needs; and To strengthen labour management co-operation and thus maintaining industrial peace and harmony. To develop social education for effective solidarity among the working community and for tapping latent human resources. An ideological point of view to develop self-management in industry. An instrument for improving efficiency of the company and establishing harmonious industrial relations. To build the most dynamic human resource.


FORMS OF W.P.M. works committee; 1.function 2.structure joint management councils; 1. function 2.structure joint councils; 1. function 2.structure

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shop councils; and unit councils.

Workers participation in management:

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