Week 3 PASTE Island Hopping Adventure

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Let’s get going!!! :D

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PASTE Island Adventures! With Coach Anna and Coach Abby!!

Slide 3: 

Hey PASTE Student Athletes It’s week 3!

Slide 4: 

Can you guess where we are going this week?

Slide 5: 

Well……. It’s an island of course :P

Slide 6: 

There are dolphins there!

Slide 7: 

Some cool looking birds like these! Go tennis parrot go!

Slide 8: 

And some cool sea creatures like these

Slide 9: 

It’s the Cook Islands!

Slide 10: 

Say bye to Cuba! Bye-bye student athletes come back soon!

Slide 11: 

Cook Islands That’s 6070 miles!

Slide 12: 

Welcome to the Cook Islands!

Slide 13: 

Portland Galapagos Island Cuba Total Miles Traveled: 5424 11494 miles Cook Islands Our Progress so far!

Slide 14: 

Have fun in the Cook Islands this week! See ya next time :D

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Maybe you guys can help me make the next video Hey Student Athletes There may be a vote later this week on what you guys might like to see in the next video!

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